Building Vocabulary: 2013/2014 Book List

Building_VocabularyI CAN NOT BELIEVE IT’S NOVEMBER. It is seriously still sinking in! Today marks one month since my first post to The Olive Shoe, and this week it tipped over 2,000 views. Thanks to everyone for checking out what I have to say, for reading, for commenting, for following. I’m having a great time doing this. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I actually meant to post this list right after our annual business meeting in October, but alas, I did not, and now book club is NEXT WEEK! I thought of it while I was updating our t-shirt graphics to send to the executive committee for this year’s printing. We decided on them at the business meeting. Oh well…best laid plans…I’m still getting my schedule down and figuring out the hang of this. I’ll be hosting the lovely ladies of HDBC (Hump Day Book Club) next week, so you’ll be seeing some pics from that coming soon! I do so love to play hostess.


Without further ado, here is our 2013/2014 book list (which, I must say, I’m super pumped about):

So, if you’d like to read along with us, please feel free! I’ll be posting a little ditty – mini-reviewish type of commentary each month around book club time, and would love commentary!

Happy almost Friday!! Actually, today was my Friday since I’m heading to Savannah, GA tomorrow for the weekend to do the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon and get some R&R (hahaha no pun intended Rock and Roll ANNNND Rest and Relaxation) with some of my favorite ladies. Woot woot!!!


Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! If you’re in MB this weekend, cheer for my Mom – she’ll be doing her first 5K – and it’s a color run! Go Mom!!

à bientôt j'espère

Lauren is a Sr. Designer of Product Graphics for an international manufacturing company by day and a creativity crusader, designer, planner extraordinaire, artist and blogger in her “free” time. Follow her and The Olive Shoe on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Please subscribe to receive emails, of course, come back and visit again soon!

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