Mission: Happy Weight – Product Plug: AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge

Hi all!
If you already know about AdvoCare and want to do the 24 Day Challenge with me starting Oct. 12, please visit advocareanderson.com.
As most of you know – I LOVE Donkey Kick, a cheap version of Red Bull, sold at my favorite gas station, QT. A few weeks ago, someone at work gave me a packet of AdvoCare’s vitamin/energy drink, SPARK, to try, and it was an instant pick me up AND sustained energy (without making me jittery) – which I REALLLY appreciated that day….
I had a great lunch meeting Wednesday with an AdvoCare Distributor, and her sales pitch was very convincing: she lost 2 pants sizes in her first challenge, her doctor took her off of her ADHD meds after using AdvoCare products for 6 months, and her best friend has lost 30 lbs in 2 challenges. I’ve already sampled the meal replacement shakes and several of the SPARK drink mixes which I LOVE as an afternoon pick me up instead of Red Bull or Donkey Kick. After the pitch Wednesday and doing some research of my own, reading reviews online, and checking out the AdvoCare site, I’ve decided to give the program a shot. Weight loss has never been an easy thing for me, and this combines a kick start and lifestyle change…seems like a good, effective, promising combination!!
Sooooo yesterday morning I placed my order, and I’m going to start the 24 day challenge on Mon, Oct. 12 so I can go 10 days (the length of the cleanse) without interfering with a Clemson home game. Hahaha oh priorities!!
If you would like to join me, head to AdvoCareAnderson.com and order your 24 day challenge. If you decide to do so, I recommend the fruit punch or watermelon SPARK. Warning: it is a chunk of change to invest in the challenge ($190), but I really feel like it’s a good investment for myself and my health. It breaks down to about $7.50 a day and covers:
–  a meal replacement shake for breakfast each day of the MAX phase (1 bottle of Muscle Milk Light is $3.99 at the gas station = $55.86 for 1 per day for 14 days)
a sugar free energy drink each day (1 small Red Bull Zero is $2+ each = $48 for 1 per day for 24 days )
– 24 days worth of two types of supplements – OmegaPlex and MNS (GNC’s Omega Complex is $29.99), also AdvoCare’s Omega Plex supplement is recommended by Dr. Oz – see reviews here.
– a 10 day cleanse to begin your program (Renew Life’s 7 day cleanse is $25+)
They also have a 24 day challenge cookbook available FREE on line for download and a schedule for the month on how to follow the program. You still eat real food of your choosing (with provided guidance) for lunch and dinner. I plan to do one challenge this month starting the 12th, and I’ll do another challenge in January before my last wedding dress fitting.
I’ll be posting my results in a few weeks! If you’re interested in joining me in January, please let me know!
à bientôt j'espère
OH! and P.S….for those of you that are shake people – someone recently told me about PB2 – peanut butter powder – great for adding to smoothies!!! Whatttt???? Can’t wait to try it!

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