Orange You Lovely: Determined Spirit


Ahhhh, fall in Clemson, SC. There’s really nothing that compares. Spend some time here during the fall, and you will fall in love with the little piece of heaven in Upstate, SC. There is a reason…no, there are many reasons it is often referred to as God’s country. I left the coast to attend Clemson in 1999, and short of a couple of summers and a year-and-a-half stint, I’ve been an upstate girl ever since. This weekend is Homecoming in Clemson, and the campus will be a-buzz with students, alumni, and football spectators from all over the country. Saturday in Tiger town will be a sea of orange and Bowman field will be decorated with giant floats built by the students over the last week.

Below is an excerpt from the Clemson Brand Concept’s Determined Spirit Manifesto:

“Giving up would have been easier… We keep trying, keep advancing, keep succeeding. We’re determined like that. We teach. We build. We investigate. We serve. We give. We find new ways to do things. We discover new things to do. Clemson University gets things done. We handle setbacks with determination and resolve. We support each other. We value family, tradition, loyalty. We value ethics. Our pride, we admit, can be excessive. We like to win. There’s a reason we love orange – the loudest color in the spectrum. There’s a reason we’re Tigers — one of nature’s fiercest creatures. We can be brash, scrappy. But someone has to step up there. Someone has to lead. We do it with Determined Spirit.”

As a graphic designer, I’ve checked out Clemson’s brand guidelines section of their website on NUMEROUS occasions, but as an alumni , the “DETERMINED SPIRIT” theme resonates through my being. Having taken the road less traveled to finally acquire my diploma – a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Advertising, 3 majors and multiple years later, having a determined spirit is something I know extremely well. I am proud to be a Clemson Tiger. My diploma is not just a piece of paper that boosts my resumé and made it easier for me to find a good job. It is a symbol of hard work, follow-through, and perseverance representing not only my successful completion of classes but the many life lessons gained as I walked that campus in the upcountry. My journey as a Clemson student was fun, memorable, filled with wonderful college memories and friends that I cherish. It was also an arduous one, filled with determination, hard work, pain and suffering and a perseverance I didn’t know I had until I proved it to myself.

Whether you are Clemson Alumni or not, I hope you strive to live with a determined spirit. As an Upstate, SC resident living only 25 minutes from that beautiful campus I love so dearly, I’d like to say welcome home this weekend Clemson Family….and GO TIGERS!!!

CU Soon!!

à bientôt j'espère

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