Revisiting “My Credo Memo”

From May to December 2009, I finished my last 30 hours at Clemson University after a 5 year break, while working full time. It was intense. It’s amazing what a little perspective will do for your motivation. I needed a “filler class” because in order to graduate from Clemson, you have to complete your last 30 hours consecutively, so I had this one loose-end-hour that was hanging out needing to be filled. I asked my WONDERFUL advisor if I could do an independent study on Social Media, and my request was granted. You can visit my entire study here. I ended up adding some other assignments from additional classes to “collect” my work, but the majority of the blog consists of posts pertaining to various aspects of social media, its (then) growing recognition, how it applies to job searches, HR practices, and corporate communication, etc.

Every once in a while, when I’m working on The Olive Shoe or Art by LAC, I check the stats on the Social Media: An Overview blog. It just amazes me that it’s still getting visits; it’s now recieved over 18,000 views. One of the most popular posts, which still continues to receive random visits, is My Credo Memo. The post was a writing assignment inspired by an exercise developed by by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. The post was originally published on October 10, 2009, but the meat consists of a hypothetical memo to a hypothetical company that I run in the event that I have to take a lengthy sebatical hoping to keep my employees inspired. Flash forward to 2014. As I develop my blog, my brand, my possible future company, My Credo Memo still represents some of the MOST IMPORTANT principles pertaining to work, and life, for that matter. You can visit the original post here, but here are the principles I listed in My Credo Memo:

Hard Work. Hard work is necessary for success. Remember to put forth your best efforts in everything you do, and you will always know that you gave at least 100% of your efforts. Failures, from time to time, are inevitable. However, if we give our best in everything then the occasional failure is easier to take and can be a learning experience.

Perseverance.  Working through adversity and difficulty makes us stronger and more equipped to deal with problems should they arise in the future. Stay steadfast and committed to your goals and you will eventually succeed.

Honesty. Being honest with our co-workers, our clients, and ourselves is of the highest importance. A lack of honesty will lead to nothing beneficial in the long run. Dishonesty destroys trust and integrity.

Humility. Maintaining an attitude of humility allows interpersonal relationships to blossom and grow. Consider for example the statement: “The customer is always right”. It requires an attitude of humility to adopt that statement and implement it well. Humility will also allow your relationships with co-workers to be strong and positive by remembering that others have needs that may be more important than your own.

Collaboration. Work together towards the success of the organization. Working against each other will only lead to disintegration of the structure and success within the organization. Remember that we are all on the same side.

Fun. Have fun. Enjoy what you do. Laugh. Celebrate your successes. (and I’d like to add “Don’t take yourself to seriously” and “Maintain a sense of humor at all times”.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

à bientôt j'espère

Oh, and P.S. Any thoughts on whether it counts or not if I publish enough posts to make up for the days I missed at the beginning of the month for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo?

Lauren is a Sr. Designer of Product Graphics for an international manufacturing company by day and a creativity crusader, designer, planner extraordinaire, artist and blogger in her “free” time. Follow her and The Olive Shoe on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Please subscribe to receive emails, of course, come back and visit again soon!

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