Quarterly Roundup: Recently Added Items to the Art by LAC Gallery

I’ve added several items in the last few weeks to the gallery, and thought I’d give y’all a little round up. I’m still trying to catch up by adding older items as well, but I realized recently that most people didn’t even know the e-gallery existed. I think I’ll try to do an update once a quarter.

The gallery is grouped into four categories: Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphic Design, and Photography. If you want more information about different pieces of work, then feel free to pop over to Art by LAC via the link in the menu above, or just drop me an email via the Contact Me page. I’m always open to conversation!

Recently added to the gallery, click any of the images below to take you to their post:

{2015 Product Catalog for Merchney Greenhouses, Graphic Design by LAC}

{Gertie the Cow, 24″x36″ – Acrylic Painting on Canvas by LAC}

{Tracy and Matt’s Wedding Invitations – Graphic Design by LAC}

I’ll be adding more about these soon, as I haven’t posted any photos of their programs, thank-you notes, save-the-dates or other items created to match the invitation suite for their big day.

{ACDSNB Branding Redesign}

{Baby Boy’s Shower Invitation Available in my Etsy Shop}

{Eugenia and Her Boys – Photography by LAC}

The picture above is an older image, but I recently added it to the gallery in December – which is why it’s included in this update. It always makes me smile! Aren’t their expressions just priceless?

{Printable Art Available in my Etsy Shop}

That’s it for now…I’ll try to update again about the end of March…Happy almost 2015!!

à bientôt j'espère

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