Happy New Year! Rabbit, Rabbit and Realistic Resolutions for 2015


Happy new year!!

First, why, you ask, do I post these silly Rabbit, Rabbit pictures? Well, it’s supposed to bring good luck all month if the very first thing you say on the first day of the month is “Rabbit, Rabbit”. There are, of course, variations on the “Rabbit, Rabbit” tradition/superstition, as with all of these types of things. I honestly can’t even remember when I started doing it, but just the same, it is a fun little thing to try and remember…and if it brings a little extra luck or something to each month, then I’ll take it.  Here’s a funny little article from NPR on the history of the tradition…and another here from Yankee Magazine, both with slightly different perspectives.

New Years’ Resolutions….oh, sigh, such an opportunity to start anew, make changes, and give some areas of your life a fresh perspective. They are also an area to find new sources of stress, fail, and mistakingly invest in often little used gym equipment, memberships, self-help books, etc. StatisticBrain.com reports that 75% of people maintain resolutions are through the first week, but after 6 months only 46% are still adhering to them.

This year, while you make your list of do-overs and new beginnings for the coming year, why not vow to make this the year you stop waiting until the new year to make changes. This year, why not decide that no matter what time of year it is, if you see an area that needs change in your life, a habit that needs breaking or a perspective that needs refreshing, make a decision in March, or July, September or any other month to work on yourself. It’s never to early (in the year) to work on oneself. All too often we are quick to point the finger at others, when what we should be doing is working on our own shortcomings.

I thought this little ditty was funny when I was perusing some New Years’ Resolutions images online:

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t have some goals and resolutions, guilty myself of putting of things that need changing or losing sight of priorities from time to time. So without further ado, here are a few of my goals and resolutions for 2015:

  • I resolve to post quality, creative, interesting content – either original or thoughtfully curated by me – at least twice a week to my blog – more if time allows.
  • I resolve to get pictures of all (shareable) past artwork uploaded and categorized on the Art by LAC gallery.
  • I resolve to enjoy my wedding in April without criticizing everything that I have planned, organizing, and crafted for the day. I am determined to make a decision on Wednesday, April 1, that whatever projects I haven’t gotten done by then aren’t going to get done but that’s ok, and that the rest of the details will work themselves out. I want to enjoy the company of the wonderful people who will be traveling to be with us, the loved ones who will be surrounding us on Saturday the 4th, the moments leading up to and following our wedding, and of course, that very important time when Van and I vow to have and to hold, for better or worse, forever and ever. I can’t wait to marry that man.

  • I resolve to attempt the 40 bags in 40 days Challenge. I just saw this when a friend shared it on Facebook not too long ago. When I shared it, another friend posted that last year she got rid of 2,014 items from her house in an effort to declutter.  I will probably NOT do it during Lent as I’ll be finishing the final details of the wedding at that time, but later in the summer? DEFINITELY! I do think the idea of doing it during Lent is pretty cool though. If anyone wants to join me, please comment on this post or send a message through the “Contact Me” page, and I’ll let you know when I decide to start.
  • I resolve to stop going 100 miles an hour (metaphorically speaking of course) and take at least 10 minutes each day to put down my cell phone, be thoughtful, count my blessings, and thank GOD for this amazing journey we call life.
  • I resolve to be THE BEST fiancée and, after April 4th, wife, I can be. I vow, as an engaged woman, to remember WHY I’m getting married to Van, and focus on our future while still enjoying the festivities and wedding planning – knowing that they are, however, superficial elements.
  • Finally, I resolve to make exercise a habit again…because what would New Years’ resolutions be without SOMETHING related to diet and fitness. And honestly, I started this one before Christmas – that whole anytime is a good time to start making changes for the better thing. I resolve to go to the gym in the morning Monday through Friday before work if I can, but three days a week at minimum. I’ve got a pretty dress to wear in April, but even more importantly, I’ve got a lot of life that I want to live and I need to be healthy to do so.

A Guide to New Year

{Infographic from Visual.ly by ernestoolivares.}

So what are your resolutions? Do you usually keep them? I’d love to hear!

Happy, Happy New Year!! Wishing you love, health, and prosperity in 2015!

à bientôt j'espèreLauren is a Sr. Designer of Product Graphics for an international manufacturing company by day and a creativity crusader, designer, planner extraordinaire, artist and blogger in her “free” time. Follow her and The Olive Shoe on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Please subscribe to receive emails, of course, come back and visit again soon!

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