Guest Post: How to Plan Your Menu

What is the best aspect of a party? Some would argue the social scene or perhaps, the décor. However, considering I am hungry twenty-four hours a day, I would argue that the food is the best part.

Quite frankly, people cannot forget a party with an amazing menu. The most important factor to consider is the amount of food you need to satisfy your guests. It would be rather awkward to run out of food at an event that you are in charge of. It is not ideal to over-order or over-pay as well. Here is a list of guidelines for food preparation:

1. Calculate the number of guests attending. This can be done as soon as RSVP slips are sent back.

2. Who are these guests? What age group do they fall under? Will children be in attendance? If so, a kid menu can be planned or smaller portions can be served.

3. What type of event is it? What time of day is it being held? This determines the kind of food that will be served. The longer the guest stays, the more they will consume. It is a good idea to prepare different food options, which can be served in smaller portions so people can try a little bit of everything.

Breakfast: Oftentimes, people think brunch when they attend a breakfast event. Therefore, you have to fulfill a balance of food. Make sure to have fruit and baked goods. Scones are a delicious choice! Potatoes are also a great idea as roasted or hash browns. Serving Size – 2 beverages per guest, 5-6 oz. main entrée, 2 sides, and 1-2 pastries for dessert.

{Lemon Blueberry Scones from The Love Nerds}

Lunch: Usually, lunch requires the least amount of food. Stick to a simple menu. Quality over quantity. Your guests do not need to go into a food coma mid-day. Serving Size – 2-4 hors d’oeuvres per person, 5 oz. main entrée, 2 sides, 1 small dessert, 2-3 drinks including beer, soda, lemon water, etc.

{Panko Crusted Crab Cakes with Roasted Pepper Chive Aioli featured on M.L.T.S.}

Dinner: Expectations will be higher. People expect a large assortment of alcoholic drinks (who doesn’t like a nice wine selection?) and a range of appetizers. Serving Size – 3-5 hors d’oeuvres per person, 6-7 oz. entrée, 2-3 sides including vegetables, pasta and potatoes, and small portions of soup, salad and bread. Keep in mind people are likely to consume more alcohol in the evening.

{Teriyaki Meatballs featured on Mom On Time Out}

Book a trustworthy caterer and know your public! Ask the venue for history from past events that held similar functions.

Keep a record for future events as well.

Bon appétit!


Meghan is a smart, stylish, savvy, Clemson University student with plans to go into PR or Event Planning. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

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