Guest Post: Choosing A Venue 101

One of the most crucial and challenging tasks of event planning is picking a location for your event. The venue will have the biggest influence on the décor, menu, budget, and all other aspects. So, where do you begin? Google was created for a reason. Some great venue locators include Here Comes The Guide and the APW
Venue Directory.

Here are 5 important factors to consider:

1. Size: You need to make sure all guests fit comfortably and most importantly, have room to dance. That being said, bigger is not always better. If the venue is too large, the event can seem empty and cause issues with spacing. Aim to be just under the capacity limit.

2. Location: You must take into consideration who your guests are and where they will be traveling. Make sure the venue has good transportation links and parking accommodations.

3. Ask about amenities: Is food and beverage service included? Is there a wait staff to clean and set up? What is the kitchen space like? Are there restrictions to displaying event information?

4. Financial and Legal Information: Document your budget. Find out the required deposit and guarantee/cancellation policy. Do you need an alcohol permit and insurance? Make sure to be aware of the damages clause in the rental agreement.

5. Facilities: Check the condition of the overall grounds. Make sure there is adequate restroom and medical access. How is the indoor and outdoor lighting? You do not want any visual obstructions in the space. How flexible is the vendor with adjusting the room layout?

There are some very helpful worksheets online to guide you through the process and compare vendors. If you’re a fan of Martha Stewart (who isn’t?), she has great wedding planning worksheets. Of course, Pinterest has tons as well.

Happy Planning!


Meghan is a smart, stylish, savvy, Clemson University student with plans to go into PR or Event Planning. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

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