A DIY Wedding: Our Invitations and Stationery

Two months ago Van and I tied the knot, got hitched, took the plunge…however you want to say it. We stood before God, our family and friends and pledged to love each other unconditionally for the rest of our lives. I really can’t believe it’s already been two months, and I can’t wait to see where this life together leads us.

Two months in and I’m still working on getting our thank you notes written as well… and still have a few to go (their coming y’all, I promise!) We are truly so blessed… and so very thankful for everyone who helped and traveled a mile or 3,000 miles to be with us that day, and for so many amazing gifts. We are surrounded by so much love.

Speaking of love and thank you notes, I LOVE STATIONERY. Love love love love love love love it. I do seem to have a problem spelling it with an “e” as in stationery vs. an “a” as in “stationary” from time to time though – I actually just had to correct myself…but gracious I love paper, note pads, letterhead, cardstock, patterns, little notes, large notes…invitations of all kinds…and don’t even get me started on post-its. LAWSY. I love the way different paper feels, different textures, the range of choices one has for personal stationery or invitations or an entire wedding suite when it comes to color, style, feel…it is a passion of mine.

Over the last year or so, I have dipped my toes in designing wedding invitations like these sweet pink and gold ones for Tracy and Matt or this fun floral suite for newlyweds, Caitlin and Michael. Of course I wanted to do my own as well.

Since Van and I were having an afternoon wedding, and given that it was going to be in and of itself an ode to Clemson – my alma mater and my groom’s FAV-O-RITE team for pretty much anything, I needed to keep it light and fun…(See more on the ode to Clemson thing here.)

However, there is a part of me that adores the frills and ruffles and bows, the pomp and circumstance, and I wanted our wedding suite to retain a cohesive look and a bit of elegance. I had to find a compromise that encompassed all that our wedding “theme” was going to be, and as the first glimpse of the big day, I do believe the invitation represents your “first impression. I changed our stationary at least a dozen times before I finalized the design. I probably would still change a few things – but are we all our own worst critics?

I designed the wedding suite, one shower invitation, the day after brunch invitation, and the rehearsal dinner invitations. There are other pieces not shown below, but this embodies most of it and gives you an idea…



For more information about DIY Wedding Invitations, see this previous guest post by Meghan Knehr.

Until next time, happy planning and happy Friday Eve!!

à bientôt j'espère

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