The Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy | Infographic from The Self Employed

I am subscribed to a ridiculous amount of email newsletters. I at least try to consolidate my blogs by feeding them through Bloglovin’. My husband, Van, can’t even look at my phone because the sheer number of unread emails that stays in that little red dot on my iPhone drives him nuts. (He is OCD about the little red dots…we call them Bertha’s acne) Bertha, by the way, is his phone’s name… which should be another blog post sometime.

Now don’t think if you email me I won’t respond. I will. I skim through them several times a day to make sure I don’t have any super important ones to read or respond to. I get a lot of newsletters though, and with how busy life is, I don’t always have time to read them all. So I read the title or check out the email preview, and skim past. If I know I’m not going to read it, I delete, but if I might, well, I leave it unread.

About once a week I try to make time to read a lot of them, and as in this instance, usually there’s a fun little nugget of wisdom within… here’s a great infographic on being a Freelancer that was in my newsletter from The Self Employed.

There were actually 5 good articles in that issue, so I’m very glad it stayed in my inbox as an unread email and I didn’t delete it just by rushing through to get rid of Jethro’s acne. (Eh hem, not naming names, honey)

Oh, by the way, Jethro is my phone’s name. 🙂

Infographic courtesy of FreshBooks.

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