In a Yellow Mood | Sunny Decor and Painted Daisies

I’m in a yellow mood. My bathroom color scheme is yellow and gray, and I’m getting ready to paint the walls Frappé by Valspar – a gorgeous warm gray – or the trendy “greige”. It makes the yellow pop and also works well with the wood molding.  If the weekend goes right, my bathroom will actually look pretty close to complete. We will still need to update the faucet and such, but at least the paint will be fresh and the color scheme will be complete (sans metal fixtures). More on the bathroom coming soon!

Today happens to be my parents 38th wedding anniversary, and the bouquets at my parents’ outdoor June wedding in Virginia in 1977 were primarily white spider mums and daisies. Since I’m in a yellow mood and feeling summery, and in honor of their anniversary, I thought I’d share some fun yellow decor I found and a paint project that Mom and I did.

About a year ago, my Mom  asked me to help her repaint her laundry room from the teal and white sponge painting we had done when I was in high school. Now she wanted to have daisies on the wall. I had planned to post those a LOT sooner to that actually happening, but this amazing guy came into my life and, well, it got a little busy. Now that I can breathe a little, I’m finally getting some pictures organized and some other ducks in a row…

Here are some pics of the daisy room:


First, mom painted the walls of the laundry room a sunny yellow. After I drew big white daisy shapes on the wall, Mom and I painted them white. Then I began adding depth with orange, a darker yellow, and shades of blue before I painted the centers.


I painted all of the middles with yellow and orange, and then Mom and I added speckles of raspberry, browns, and gold using the end of a q-tip to give them a little extra oomph and whimsy. IMG_5322


Here’s a close of up of some finished daisies. I took all of these with my iPhone – I think it was a 4s at the time, so they’re not the greatest. I need to take some with an actual camera so the lighting is better. :-/IMG_5333


…. work in progress… IMG_5340

And after everything was back in place!

And as for yellow decor…check out these fun finds!! I want that chair!!! I actually have the shower curtain that matches the towel… I LOVE it. Can’t wait to get paint on the wall this weekend!


A Yellow Mood Board

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