“GaGa” for {11} Gallery Walls and How-To Hang Your Own

I do love a gallery wall. I’m planning on putting one in the hallway above a skinny table that has family pictures on it and two small fun crystal lamps I inherited from my Great- Grandma Lewis with black and white striped shades. I don’t want all half-smile family portraits on our gallery wall, though. I’d prefer to have a fun mix of interesting art, fun finds, portraits and unique family candids like this fantastic one of my “Gaga”, my great, great grandmother,  in the cherry trees in Washington, D.C. I’ve always loved this picture, and I so wish I had gotten to meet her. Van and I actually got married on her birthday.

1934c SHIRLEYVirgie color

But you probably didn’t read this post to see old pictures of my family or learn about my family tree, so as promised, here are some fantastic gallery walls that I hope inspire you as they did me, and tips on how to create your own!

{Click any photo below to link to the source}

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! Don’t just create a gallery wall to be trendy. Make your choices meaningful to display multiple items that are interesting and worthy of hanging on your wall (and in your sight) every day. The photos below should be inspiring, but make your wall YOUR OWN!! Be adventurous and consider mixing media, adding 3D items, or framing unconventional objects. I have a pair of shoes in a box that are quite worn – a pair of red canvas flats – that I wore while walking all over Paris. There are no steadfast rules for what should be included besides THINGS YOU LOVE.

{Eye For Design}

{Apartment Therapy}

2. Take your time – it may take you time to pull together all of the objects, photos and artwork you’d like to hang together. Don’t rush it and store your pieces in a safe place as you build your gallery wall collection.

{Good Girl Gone Glad}

{Rachel Bishop Designs}

3. Once you have your base collection you can always add to it. There will probably be several edges that can be built on at a later point if you find more items for your gallery wall. And you can always rearrange later!!

{Apartment Therapy}

{Nest of Posies}

4. Remember that BALANCE does not always mean SYMMETRY.

{Life in Grace}

{Erika Brechtel}

5. Plan ahead – Cut out pieces of posterboard or craft paper and use masking tape to hang them on the wall so you can rearrange before putting nail holes or sticking command hook backers to your wall! Planning ahead will save you time and headache later!!

{Brittany Makes}

{Design Happens by HGTV}

6. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!

{It’s Taylor Made}

Happy Gallery Making!


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