DIY Hammock Ideas for Your Backyard {Guest Post by}

Don’t look out at your backyard and be sad that you’re missing a hammock. Instead, grab a few crafty tools and make your own! There are many different ways to create this DIY and you’ll be saving a few dollars in the process. From using a drop cloth to upcycling a wooden palette, after working a few hours you’ll have a swaying paradise all to yourself.

Transform a Drop Cloth

The DIY Queen, Martha Stewart suggests creating your own hammock using a drop cloth. By adding grommets and reinforcing the fabric, you can create the perfect hammock in an afternoon. On the Martha Stewart website, full instructions are provided. To begin, you’ll chose a drop cloth that is 8 ounces or 10 ounces in weight. The size suggested is six feet by nine feet. On each end of the fabric where the grommets will be placed you will fold the fabric over and sew it about two inches. Later, the directions show you how to set grommets in. On each side there will be 18 grommets and one O ring. The last step will be to weave 3/8 inch rope through the grommets and gather it on the O ring. After those simple steps you’ll be ready to hang it on two trees in your backyard! If you want to really jazz it up, consider painting a design on the drop cloth using fabric paint.

Braid It Yourself

Kinfolk is a well known lifestyle magazine that offers a fresh perspective on living. With a focus on life’s simplicity and beauty, the blog always has inspiring photographs, recipes, and DIYs. It comes as no surprise that the blog would suggest braiding your own hammock using rope found at your local hardware store. The process is easy and all you need to complete the project is a tape measurer, 600 feet of rope, and scissors. Using overhand knots, which the post explains how to do, the hammock will come to life. One of the best parts of this project? Tying the knots and creating the hammock is just as relaxing as laying in it when you’re finished! The end result is a hammock that has a nautical throwback feel. It’s lightweight enough to carry with you on your next backpacking adventure or you can keep it hanging in your backyard.

Build Your Own Stand

Sometimes you live in a place where there are no trees to hang a hammock in. That’s ok! You can build you own stand to hold a homemade or store bought hammock. Here Comes The Sun, written by blogger Kelly, shares that you can build you own hammock stand for about $40! Now, I’ll admit, building you own stand can be a lot of work. But, with the right supplies and help, this DIY can be finished in a day or over a weekend. According to Kelly, all you need are wooden 2X4s, long bolts, nuts, a measuring tape, a circular saw, and a drill. On the blog, the entire list of instructions is posted with great photographs. Once you’ve completed this project you can move it anywhere and won’t need to depend on trees to lay back in your hammock.

Create A Pallet Hammock

Instead of creating a hammock out of fabric or rope, why not use a recycled pallet? Wooden pallets can be found at local businesses and at a lot of farms. They can be transformed into furniture and, you guessed it, a swinging hammock. The Merry Thought made this idea a reality and built a beautiful bohemian pallet hammock. To make this, the blogger used pallets, 2x4s, a drill, screws, a saw, measuring tape, rope, a mattress, and 2-3 vinyl zippered mattress covers. To create this custom project, you can measure the pallets and decide how many you’ll need to fit the size of your mattress. From there, you’ll use the 2X4s on the inside of the palette to reinforce it. After drilling holes in the swing base you can add rope and hang it securely from a tree. To ensure that the mattress is waterproof, cover it in 2-3 mattress covers. Add a few cute throw pillows and a blanket or old quilt and you’ve created a masterpiece. Before long your backyard will look like an Anthropologie cover-shoot.

Embrace Two-sided Home Fabric for a Pop of Style

If you can’t do a DIY without thinking of style, this idea is for you! Miss Lovie Creations created a hammock for her husband using two-sided home decor fabric. This type of fabric is strong but is stylish and comes in all different prints. Along with the fabric, the tutorial suggests sewing webbing together to create the straps. To gather the sewn straps, the author used carabiners on both sides of the fabric. This is probably one of the quickest DIY hammock options and doesn’t cost a lot. All you’ll need is fabric, two carabiners, webbing, and a sewing machine. To add even more style, throw on some pillows that are sewn using sturdy duck canvas in complimentary colors.

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