Blue and White for SC | FREE Graphics and 5×7 Printable | Emanuel AME Tragedy

Last week, 9 precious lives were lost in a horrible tragedy in Charleston, SC. I have been a South Carolinian since I was two and a half years old, and I love this state. We get a bad rap on a lot of things, but there are a lot of things to celebrate about our state as well. Despite controversy and this horrendous act by one person, South Carolinians are coming together to support the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

An invitation circulating on Facebook invites all South Carolinians to turn SC blue and white this Friday, June 26, as a sign of unity, solidarity and to honor and remember those who lost their lives by:

1) Displaying our state flag in a prominent place to be seen.

2) Tie blue and white ribbons on trees, lamp posts, cars, etc.

3) Wear blue and white clothing.

4) Turn your profile pictures to the SC Flag and Palm Tree.

5) Any thing else you can think of to show off the blue and white.

Our state flag is blue and white, first used in the Revolutionary War on Sullivan’s Island, rallying troops to keep fighting and can now be used again as a rally cry of unity and peace.

The blue represents loyalty, vigilance, perseverence, and justice.

The white represents purity and innocence.

In honor of this Friday’s demonstration, below are some graphics I will be using to display my SC Blue and White as well as a FREE 5×7 Printable. Click any of the images to be redirected to the Dropbox folder where they are stored. Please feel free to distribute, and use as you see fit!

Sending lots of love and prayers to the friends and families of last week’s tragedy.

With love and good will,

Lauren (LAC) James

Inst_FB_Square_Blue_and_White_by_LAC-01{Formatted for Instagram and Facebook Profile Pictures}

LoveSC_Square_Blue_and_White_by_LAC-01{Formatted for Instagram and Facebook Profile Pictures}

Inst_FB_Square3_Blue_and_White_by_LAC-01{Formatted for Instagram and Facebook Profile Pictures}

FB_Cover_Pic2_Blue_and_White_by_LAC-01{Formatted for Facebook Cover Photo}

FB_Cover_Pic_Blue_and_White_by_LAC-01{Formatted for Facebook Cover Photo}


{Free 5×7 Printable – PDF and JPG Files in Dropbox Folder}

For personal use only. Graphics Copyright (C) Lauren James


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