Just Shoe Me | Watermelon Shoes and Weekend Link List for 7/25

{Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon D’Orsay Pump}

Lawsy me!!! How ridiculously adorable are these?? Nothing says summer in the south like watermelon (and boiled peanuts of course). These shoes!!! So stinkin’ cute! What a perfect combination of artistic flair and functionality (although that heel would be a stretch for me).

To boot, I found that Sophia Webster also offers a watermelon design in a slingback, a wedgean absolutely adorable little flat, and even a toddler shoe!!

And now for some cool stuff to read while you drink your coffee (or tea) this morning:

This 35 year-old-who works 6 months a year, then bikes and lives on $10 a day.

7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism (B/c who doesn’t need to burn more calories???)

These adorable watermelon sculptures!!

Michaelangelo’s Illustrated Grocery List

This fun pineapple crush from The Perfect Pallette – because pineapple goes right along with watermelon and boiled peanuts!

Have a splendiferous weekend!

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