DIY Bathroom Update | Sunshine Yellow and Frappé (a.k.a Light Gray)

When Van and I got engaged, one of the inevitable conversations was about where we would live. He and his sister had bought a house about 10 years ago, and his grandmother’s house had been sitting uninhabited for about a year and a half. We got engaged in June of 2014, and the lease on my little town home was up in October…so we had to make some decisions about 6 months prior to the wedding.

What we ultimately decided was to buy his grandmother’s house from his Mom, and his sister would stay in their house. His grandmother, also known to many as Mrs. B, had passed in 2013, but the task of going through their things had been looming over them. Since my lease ended in October, we decided I would go ahead and move in and begin to “set up house” prior to the wedding. Van would then join me in April when we got married. We spent most of last summer meeting each others families and cleaning out Mrs. B’s house and moving me into what would become our first home together, shuffling furniture, packing and unpacking kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and the like… (along with planning the wedding).

Unfortunately I never got to meet Mrs. B – short for Beatrice. However, I can tell you that she took incredible care of this house – our “little house on the corner”. She was an avid gardener, a hard worker, and definitely loved some shoes! Thanks to her setting the precedent, there is an entire closet in our bedroom that houses my shoes. Thanks Mrs. B! I feel like I got to know her pretty well while helping them sort through her belongings. I got tickled when I was packing up the bathroom, discovering that she had used the lids to spray paint cans in her drawers to sort her bobby pins and safety pins and other small items in the bathroom… just one example.

Our little brick house needs some tender love and care though, haven’t not seen a paint brush in about 20 years, and I like to think she’s smiling down on us as we breath new life into this dear little house…our first and her last. (Although she’s probably frowning at the number of weeds in the flower beds…Sorry Mrs. B, it’s just been too stinkin’ hot!! …on my list for this fall – promise!)

That said, here are a few before pictures of the bathroom – snapped not thinking about doing a blog post later…will try to be better with other rooms in the house:




And the after…here’s what we did:

  • painted the bathroom walls (Frappé by Valspar)
  • installed a new faucet and matching fixtures
  • painted the vanity base, cabinet doors and drawers
  • changed out the hinges & handles
  • changed the doorknobs
  • painted the vanity bench
  • painted the light fixture (SPRAY PAINTED ON THE WALL WITHOUT DYING – still proud of myself for this one)
  • changed the bulbs and globes in the fixture
  • painted an old hamper that Mrs. B had in the laundry room.

A couple of the “in progress” pictures before the afters…

 Ok, now the afters…really: 



I love how this painting, our wedding gift from my Grandma and Grandpa Mense, smiles at me every morning as I get ready for work!





A fun little sidenote: The palettes on the wall are mine and my Granny’s. The two on the left are my Granny’s, and the one on the right is my first acrylic palette.


So….on the vanity seat… teal or navy? Thinking about repainting it in navy blue…thoughts?

I still have to retouch the wall next to the vanity where the painter’s tape took my fresh paint off the wall…argh.. 😦


New faucet!


Shower curtain and window curtain…both from TARGET!!

A few things left to do still like change the fan fixture, tile the floors and potentially change the countertop at a later time, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. What do y’all think?

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!



Sweet mini daffodils from the garden this spring that I put in a bud vase in the bathroom! Love!

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