Quarterly Roundup | New Art and Design in the Art by LAC Gallery | September 2015

I started the round up this year in March as a way to summarize the last few months of my art & design, both as a documented review for myself and as kind of a showcase for readers! (TWO BIRDS!)

A little backstory: the gallery is essentially another site that is directly linked to this one, and is grouped into four categories: Business and Branding, Custom Stationery, Folk Art, and A Little Bit of Everything. The last category will always be a rotating showcase of my favorite projects, but it will always showcase a variety of what I do. Like The Olive Shoe site and the blog, the gallery has undergone its own evolution as well! Clicking on “HELLO” will always take you to the homepage if you get lost :).

Below you’ll find an overview of the projects that have been added to the gallery since June. If you want more information about different pieces of work, click on the image or feel free to pop over to Art by LAC via this link or by choosing “ART BY LAC” in the menu above…ORRRR you can access it directly by just visiting artbylac.com from any browser. Thanks for visiting!! Hope you’ll come back soon!

New items in the Art by LAC Gallery (titles below each project):

{ Lawn & Garden Couples Shower Invitation | Available on Etsy }

{ Happy Paw-lidays Custom Christmas Card | Available on Etsy }

{ Café Lights Invitation | Available on Etsy }

{ Gator Balloons Children’s Thank You Notes & Enclosure Cards | Available on Etsy }

{ Pluff Mud | Inlet Livin’ and Gifts for Givin’ | Business Branding Package }

{ Baby on Board Baby Shower Invitation | Advice for Parents Cards | Available on Etsy }

{ Pink Pineapple Monogram Note Card | Available on Etsy }

{ Inlet Sunset Acrylic Artwork | Original Acrylic on Canvas | 10″ x 20″ by LAC James }

{ Sunset Wedding Suite | Available on Etsy }

{ Sunrise Monogram Notecard | Also in 10+ Color Variations | Available on Etsy }

{ Oh Boy Mustache Baby Shower Invitation | Available on Etsy }

{ Wild Girl Birthday Party | Available on Etsy }

{ It is Well With My Soul | Available on Etsy }

{ Oh Minnie, Oh My! Birthday Party Invitation | Available on Etsy }

CMS002A_Fa_La_La_Product_Pics-03{ Fa La La Custom Christmas Card | Available on Etsy }

{ Clothesline Baby Shower Invitation | Available on Etsy }

….and there have been quite a few  more projects since June, but I just haven’t gotten it all posted yet… guess those will be included in December’s round up!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


The Olive Shoe | Paperie & Design | Celebrating Creativity and Creatively Celebrating is designed and run by LAC James © 2015 LAC James All Rights Reserved.

Lauren is a Sr. Designer of Product Graphics for an international manufacturing company by day and a creativity crusader, designer, planner extraordinaire, artist and blogger in her “free” time. Follow her and The Olive Shoe on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram! Please subscribe to receive emails, of course, come back and visit again soon!

Please visit Lauren’s online art gallery {Art by LAC} and Etsy Shop too!

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