Fall Into The Season | By Lauren Cop

The fall is a fantastic time of year… a wonderment of orange hues, the scent of warm spices and crisp cool air. It is also traditionally the beginning of the holiday/family season – let’s face it: Christmas items have been out since August. Before you start to panic that there are only 9 weekends left until Christmas, enjoy the current season. There are so many fun things to do before we all have to hibernate indoors. Here are some of my favorite activities to do in general and with my littles during the fall.

Arts and Crafts

There are tons of quick fun and easy crafts you can do with the kids. Whether its fall or Halloween decorations for your house or just something to keep the kids entertained, there are several fun and easy ones that require very little supplies to create. This year we made leaf wreaths. We created these leaves using a Pinterest suggestion. Then, I helped my girls glue the leaves onto a paper plate to make a wreath. I will warn you that the prep time for this project was a lot more time-consuming then I was expecting – so I would prep these in advance. It is also a very quick project (outside of prep time) and the cleanup for my girls was pretty simple.


Pumpkins Pumpkin Pumpkins

Like any typical white girl I just LOVE pumpkins and always have! Carving, eating, growing – I love it all! In fact, I consider myself a pretty good cleaner of pumpkins. I have been told that my pumpkins are clean enough to “live in”. But pumpkins can be fun for kids, too. Obviously, below a certain age, carving pumpkins can be difficult – but gutting a pumpkin is a great sensory activity.

20141019_122746{ Picture by Drew Carlisle }

They can also be painted, stickered, laced, and even nailed. Don’t forget to visit your favorite pumpkin patch for some educational fun with the kiddos. You can also help your kids enjoy eating pumpkins as well – coming in a future blog post!


Speaking of farms – there are so many wonderful things to find during harvest season. Hay rides, apple picking, feeding animals, corn mazes, haunted houses, unhaunted houses, and parades can all be had at a reasonable cost. One of my favorite activities is harvesting crops. It a great lesson to teach your children where your food comes from so they have an appreciation for food. Food is not a given – it takes hard work, time, and energy to create the nourishment to feed our bodies. This is not something to be taken for granted. Plus it is also fun to help with the harvest. After harvest you can can your goods and have them year-round, eat them that day, or eat them as you harvest. There is also usually some kind of harvest festival where a town/region will celebrate food. In the Upstate we have Fall for Greenville where local restaurants showcase fun food favorites at booths on the street. You can also listen to bands play and walk to town. It’s a really nice time to find a new favorite place to eat and enjoy the goods of the harvest season.

© 2015 Drew Carlisle


I have always found falling leaves to be so peaceful. I love watching them float haphazardly to the ground. However, now that I live on property with lots of trees I find the leaves slightly less appealing. I have been trying to find fun and create ways to use these leaves and to also relocate them around the property. We have used them to create scarecrows – which the girls just loved making life sized versions of themselves. We have bought leave bags in the shapes of pumpkins and spiders. We have also use the leaves as mulch for our beds and mulch for our property. Lastly we have used the leaves to compost as well. The leaves can also be used for easy activities for the kids – my girls like to run through the leaves, toss the leaves, make ‘salad’, and even glue them on different objects. Leaves are an important part of our ecosystem so it is helpful to not completely remove them from your property. They return nutrients to the ground and feed different critters. So even though you may feel like me and dread the use of a rake – relax! They are helping your yard and they can just stay put. Enjoy them changing colors and falling while you can before the barren season.

© 2015 Drew Carlisle


I know there can be some controversy over Halloween so I didn’t want that to be the focus – but truth be told I LOVE Halloween. I am a horror geek, love dressing up, and helping my children create costumes. When else do you get to be someone – anything – else! This year my kids will be wearing their costume to Boo in the Zoo, the Children’s Museum of the Upstate, Trunk or Treat in our local town, and of course around the neighborhood. There are tons of safe places to take children to celebrate – just take a look in your own areas. I have even brought my kids to volleyball playoff games in their costumes just so we could dress up! I mean isn’t part of the fun of being a parent to dress our kids in fun, adorable, crazy attire? One last thing – if you hand out candy on Halloween, please consider putting out a teal pumpkin and providing non-food options. This is not only important for those with food allergies, but can also keep Halloween on a more healthy side of things. Enjoy your evening of ghoulish fun!

Carlisles_on_Sesame_Street{ Picture by Lesa Carlisle }

Fall is a fantastic time of year full of hustle and bustle in preparation for family and holiday time. Don’t let it slip by – be a part of the season. Smell the wood fires and warm spices. Tastes the fruits of harvest. See the vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. And participate in all the fun fall activities. Your kids need to get out and appreciate what is around them. This season has so much to offer them in terms of education, growth, and health. Fall is a wonderful season to help kids appreciate the world around them. You won’t regret being a part of the season!! Many people talk of how they love fall but really don’t participate in the season until Thanksgiving – but at that point it has almost passed you by! Go out TODAY and be a part of the season!! The Christmas season will be here before you know it – and with it a cold barren landscape.


Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins by day and coaches Volleyball and Track in her “me time”. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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