Fall Flavors | Clove | 12 Creative Recipes to Try Using Whole Cloves, Ground Cloves and Clove Oil

Happy Friday!

I had every intention of getting this post up on Wednesday, but that clearly did not happen. However, I am getting it up today! Hope everyone has had a great week!

Two weeks ago I did my first post of the fall flavor series on cinnamon. If you missed it, you can read it here. Last week the flavor was cranberries, and if you missed that one, it can be found here.

This week we’re talking about clove… I find that clove is one of those smells and flavors that people either love or hate, but we all know that it is a must for certain recipes like pumpkin pie. And it wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin pie, now would it? To me, it smells like fall, warmth, & holidays. But what is clove, exactly?

Clove is also used as a warming herbal carminative and as a topical anodyne (painkiller) in many healing traditions including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and western herbalism. Native to Indonesia, cloves are the unopened flower buds of an evergreen tree in the myrtle family, Syzygium aromaticum.” (Herbal Academy of New England) Cloves can also assist with digestion, inflammation, and can even be an aphrodisiac (Tirtha, 1998).

Every year my mom makes Santa Claus cookies that have clove in them (another one of my Granny’s recipes), and they are a STAPLE for our family for Christmas. As kids, we were in charge of doing the decorating. Making Santa Claus cookies involves quite a process…first you have to make the dough, then it has to chill overnight. Then you roll it out, cut out the cookies into holiday shapes and bake them. Finally, once they cool, you ice and decorate.

Mom used to make LOTS of cookie trays at Christmas with 8-10 different types of cookies on them…Fantastics, Date Bars, Granny’s Santa Claus Cookies, Grandma Anderson’s Jelly Filled Cookies, Mint Brownies, Swedish Nut Balls, Mini Pecan Pies, Candy Cane Cookies…all made from scratch. The house would smell amazing, and all the cookies would be placed in different tins between wax paper. We were not allowed to eat any of them until the cookie trays had all been made. (Although we did get to sneak one here and there).

…back to cloves, I started day-dreaming about Christmas cookies…hahaha. Along with being a wonderful fall spice, this little herb has been known to pack quite a punch against various ailments including:

  • The Common Cold: If a handkerchief weth with clove oil is sniffed, it will help alleviate cold symptoms.
  • Tooth Ache: Clove oil on a piece of cotton placed on a problem tooth can relieve a tooth ache.
  • Morning Sickness: Drinking the water in which cloves have been boiled can help alleviate morning sickness.
  • Swelling: Clove oil massaged into swollen areas can help bring down the swelling.
  • Headaches: Massaging clove oil into the forehead can assist in relieving a headache.

Here are some clove recipes to add to your fall flavors collection:

{ Honey Baked Ham with Cloves from Recipe Tips }

{ Homemade Apple Cider from Gimme Some Oven }

{ Cocoa Clove Pumpkin Bread from Kudos Kitchen }

{ Pulled Pork Rubbed with Garam Masala and Cloves from Napoleon Grills }

{ Autumn Spice Cake from Country Living }

{ Baked Pears in Clove Syrup }

{ Instant Chai Tea Mix from Five Heart Home }

Chai Tea is one of my favorite morning beverages!! If you’re really ambitious, you can make your own chai tea blend. I typically drink chai tea in the morning because it’s so full of good herbs and spices to get your body in good working order for the day. Lately, I’ve been adding drop or two of OnGuard Essential Oil Blend to protect from germs and a drop of Cinnamon Bark Oil to regulate my blood sugar.

Here are three more chai blend recipes:

And just to give you even more of an idea of cloves versatility, here are three more DIY recipes – a lip balm, breath mints, and even one for play dough using clove oil!

{ Homemade Lip Balm from My Merry Messy Life }

{ Homemade & Healthy Breath Mints from Thank Your Body }

{ Homemade Fall Play Dough }

Everyone needs a little {C}LOVE in their life!

Uses of Cloves

Yum! Is it dinner time yet? Happy Wednesday! Next week: Ginger!


For more fall ideas and inspiration from The Olive Shoe, check out these posts:

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