A Festive Look At Letters | By Mae Mae

If you are like me, when you have your mind set on something NOTHING ELSE WILL DO! Some may call this being stubborn but I call it knowing EXACTLY what I want! Another fact you need to know about me is that I tend to go a little overboard when decorating for Christmas… or so I have been told. Apparently, not everyone switches out their shower curtains or pendant lights above their bar; Go figure. Truthfully, I know I have a problem but I cannot seem to help myself! There is always something to update or another piece to add. Hobby Lobby is my weakness and my husband has developed a strong aversion to glitter… which leads us back to knowing exactly what I want.

My husband and I received our last name in letter art as a wedding gift, which I adore. Unfortunately, it, with most of my “normal” décor has to be stored away to make room for my Christmas decorations. As I was putting away my letter art for this holiday season, I realized how amazing it would be to have Christmas themed letter art! Great idea… right? I couldn’t wait! I literally dropped everything I was doing and dashed to my Mac and started excitedly searching for Christmas letter art. It quickly became frustratingly searching to finally discouragingly searching, to (you guessed it!) no avail. No letter was/is commercially available that I wanted.  Now don’t get me wrong, there were “Christmas-y” letters, just not letter art like I had my mind set on.

As I dejectedly trudged back to my hot mess of Christmas, I started berating under my breath (to no one really)… how it is not that difficult to take a picture of a Christmas tree and call it an “A”. Oh. Wait. I could take a picture of a Christmas tree and call it an “A”!!!!! It was truly an epiphany moment! Is that sad? Maybe… but that was okay because I had pictures to take!

I then spent the entire day looking at ALL of my Christmas décor from a totally different perspective. This was actually very challenging and at times very frustrating. Not all letters are as easy as the “A” from a Christmas tree. During my hunt there were some really great shots but, inevitably, failures too. After a few hours, I found that garland works great for some of the more difficult letters; Garland saved me! (More tips below!)

My husband was a great sport and put up with my crazy unorganized Christmas mess that was strewn throughout the house. He also informed me when I was “stretching” it with a letter…even when I did not necessarily want to hear it. For example, “You are calling it an ‘E’ but really all I see is a sideways reindeer with antlers”. The truth hurts sometimes. Overall, I was happy with the final product and had a blast while doing it, with only a few stressful moments!

You can totally do this yourself! When staging each letter, keep your surroundings in mind. Make sure you have good lighting. Also, the background of your picture can be just as important! Have a background that has texture and also contrasts well with your letter art. I definitely moved items all around my house for different lighting and backgrounds.

Try to be open-minded when looking for letter art. A 25-degree angle can make all the difference! You can also maneuver items to make them more of a letter shape. As I mentioned earlier, garland is a great example of this! Especially for the more difficult letters such as “Z”. You can also use different styles and colors of garland so you are not repeating the same piece of garland in your letter art.

I took multiple photographs of each letter in different layouts. I then was able to compare them to see which worked best. You may also want to have different letter art for the same letter. For example, I have 2 letters in my last name that repeat twice. Christmas themed letter art also makes great Christmas gifts!


L – An elf shoe car magnet that I photographed on the floor.

Version 3

O – A front door wreath that I moved to an interior door to photograph. 

Version 2

V – A gold reindeer tea light holder with a burlap runner backdrop that I hung using a kitchen cabinet door.

Version 2

E – Wall art that I simply added an ornament to make it festive.

Version 2

L- A stocking that I photographed on the floor.

Version 2

A- A tree magnet from my refrigerator that I photographed on the floor.

Version 2

C – Window garland that I shaped into a C and photographed on the floor.

Version 2

E – Top section of a Christmas tree turned at an angle with a burlap table runner as the background.

Version 2

What to take from reading this? … I have a lot of Christmas decorations… just kidding! Challenge yourself and try looking at your surroundings in a different perspective; you may be surprised at what you see!



A little about myself: I have been happily married for 5 years to a loving husband that spoils me rotten. I am lucky enough to be able to work as Office Manager for my Family’s’ Architectural Firm. If I am not with family or friends, you will find me reading, surrounded by way too many animals (3 dogs and 3 cats – ALL INDOOR)!

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