Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Sweet Dreams

A guest post by Kathleen Crane

Nowadays, there are many factors that keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. Stress, too much work, health problems and technologies, to name a few, torture us all the time and our brains are unable to switch to that long-awaited sleep mode when we go to bed. The bedroom is the primary restful space of your home and it needs your attention. With proper decorating and a few clever tips you can make your bedroom soothing and calming. Read our tips below…


Add Calming Scents

Think of an aroma that puts you to sleep and incorporate it into your bedroom interior. Most of the people are positively affected by the scent of jasmine, vanilla and lavender. Pick diffused essential oils of your choosing or add scented candles. Another way to go is to place a few fragrant plants in the room.

Now, for all the people out there who have some kind of fragrance sensitivity, adding scents to your bedroom is definitely not recommended unless you want to keep tossing and turning each and every night. The best thing to do is to open up a window an hour before you go to bed to air out the room. Steer clear of air fresheners, especially store-bought versions that contain harsh chemicals. Mind you that some natural fragrances can have an allergic effect, too. The best smell for you is the smell of, well, nothing.

Choose Relaxing Tones

Everything from your furnishings to your walls should be in light and relaxing tones so that you can easily fall sleep. Think about painting your walls an earthy color. Usually colors that are present in nature have calming properties. Think: cool grays, warm woods, seafoam green, soft whites and heavenly blue.


Keep all dazzling colors out of the bedroom. Trust us, now matter how you love electric blue and deep purple, you will be better off without them. Make sure to surround yourself with soothing and warm shades for a better night’s sleep.

Dim the Lights

Your bedroom is not like the other rooms in your home. Its main purpose is to provide conditions for a good night’s sleep is said by Decorators Abbey Wood. It’s the place where you can relax your body and mind. Little or poor lighting tells our brains that it’s time to sleep. To improve your night’s sleep, make sure to dim the lights in your bedroom at least thirty minutes before you go to bed. This will signal your brain to shift into sleep mode.

Keep Computers out of the Bedroom

This tip may have little to do with decorating, but it is essential to follow it. Keeping a computer in your bedroom does more harm than good. For a good night’s sleep you need to stay away from your computer at least an hour before bed. Laptops are not harmless either. All computers generate an electromagnetic field, which can damage your health. Spending long hours on your computer may result in an inability to fall asleep.

On that note, there are a whole host of things that should never go into the bedroom, such as dirty or clean laundry, TV and anything unrelated to sleep. You want to store away all the stuff that doesn’t relax you. Go through your belongings and see if there are any items that distract you from relaxing. Get rid of them as soon as possible. Always keep your phone away from your head when you are in bed.


Keep Fewer Pillows on Your Bed

Don’t keep too many pillows or cushions on your bed. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to remove all of them before you can climb in. Stick with a couple of standard pillows that you can rest your head on and indulge yourself in with a couple more cushions. When it’s time to sleep, remove the cushions and dump them under the bed so you can’t see them. You will be left with the standard pillows. So much better than having to remove 5-6 or more pillows and cushions at a time.

So there you have it – our decorating tips for a better night’s sleep. We would like to add that it is important to keep your bedroom clean and decluttered. The less stuff to worry about, the better your sleep will be. Sweet dreams!

Kathleen is a writer based in London. She has experience in the field of home maintenance and improvement and loves to share it with her readers. You can get in touch with her via G+.

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