Creative Ways to Easily Update Your Home | Family Room | By Mae Mae

Decorating! I love it! It’s great way for people to really express themselves. The trick to decorating is not getting overwhelmed… not spending a crazy amount of money helps too! I am going to share some ideas that can transform a room in little time and money spent. The possibilities are endless which is why I have decided to make this a series. I believe all the following tips can be used in any room of your home but to start off this series, I am going to be focusing on your family/living room.

Before getting started on redecorating, DECLUTTER! It is time to look in the mirror and have a talk. Purge unneeded furniture and knickknacks! It may be that you can use your unneeded or unused furniture pieces in other parts of your home! A great book to read on this subject is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. A less cluttered room makes it feel larger and much more relaxing. Don’t forget, some home items are tax deductible when donated to organizations such as the Salvation Army. You may want to check what items are accepted by the organization that you choose.

Next, a new rug! If I plan to change a color scheme, I always find my rug first. Why? It is much easier to match something such as paint to a rug versus finding a rug to match a paint color! Yes, rugs can be expensive but I usually find a good deal at a rug outlet store. Now, a new rug is not always necessary to spruce your room up but if you are in the market for a new rug, I suggest finding your rug before updating anything else in your room. Rug size also matters. Ideally, a rug should be large enough to touch all seating furniture. This creates a pleasing focal point and cohesive look! It will also make the room feel larger. Also, try to match the shape of your rug to your other furniture in the room. For example, if you have an oval coffee table with a rounded couch, then buy a round rug.


Accent your wall! I absolutely loath painting but LOVE the results! This is a great way to get the look without having to repaint the whole room. Here are a few suggestions to consider when deciding which wall to accent:

  • The wall behind your fireplace.
  • The wall behind a particular furniture piece.
  • The wall furthest in the room from entry point.

As discussed above, pick a color from your rug to help coordinate the room. A solid color wall can be perfect but you can also have some fun with this! There are plenty of DIY links that show how you can make your own stencil and paint designs on your wall. This will take more time but the results can be fabulous! Follow this link for DIY wall stencils.

Paint touch up. We are talking about your family room, which one would assume gets used frequently, right? Well, then one can also assume it shows, especially with your wall trimmings. One way to really make a room feel crisp and clean is to touch up these spots with paint. I promise it is worth the hassle!

Painting your wall or walls is only one option. You can also use wallpaper to accent a wall. Wallpaper comes in almost every design and color you can think of with multiple different textures. Wallpaper has a bad reputation but you can buy self adhesive wallpaper which can definitely make the process easier. I have seen people do amazing things with it!


Wall decals, you either love them or you hate them! Wall decals tend to be less cumbersome than wallpaper and can be fairly low cost. Whether it’s a flashy design or a more conservative style, you can make a statement. Literally… you can buy custom decals and make a literal statement!


Lights. Updating and changing out your light fixtures can make a huge difference. It can be as simple as buying a new lampshade for your table lamp. If you feel like getting a little wild and crazy, change out your pendant and/or globe lights!

Update your window dressings. Of course matching your curtains to your color theme makes a tremendous difference but also how you hang your curtains can help too! A small trick that can make a huge difference is to hang your curtains closer to the ceiling versus at the top of the window. You can also hang you curtains 1 to 2 panels wider than the actual window, which makes it feel larger as well. Instead of curtains, you can do cornice boards. Cornice boards work great, especially for odd shaped windows. Look HERE for HOW-TO your own DIY cornice boards.

Don’t forget the little things! Updating minor items that may get over looked, such as accent pillows, can add the perfect touch when decorating your room! I am always on the look out when shopping! You never know when you will come across the “THE” accent throw or artwork piece that truly completes the room!

Using these tips can change your room completely! I am super excited to continue this series and give you tips for other parts of your home! If you do feel overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. My hope is that you feel creative and have fun when doing it! You got this! Happy decorating!


A little about myself: I have been happily married for 5 years to a loving husband that spoils me rotten. I am lucky enough to be able to work as Office Manager for my Family’s’ Architectural Firm. If I am not with family or friends, you will find me reading, surrounded by way too many animals (3 dogs and 3 cats – ALL INDOOR)!

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