A Mother’s Resolution | A Promise for a Brighter Future | By Lauren Cop

A New Year’s Resolution is a common tradition among many people . As a child, I always wrote one that was often foolish – I will eat more chocolate, find my true love, or even to compete in the Olympics. As I got older, I stopped writing them down but would think of goals for the future. Although I do not hold myself to keeping these goals they are in the back of my mind. A resolution is in fact a ‘solution to a problem’ . Therefore a New Year’s Resolution should be a promise to make solutions to ongoing problems in your life. This year I hope to help solve some personal problems of mine while also making sure to maintain some of my life goals. I have chosen to share these goals with all of you in hopes to hold myself more accountable.


First and foremost I want to continue to create special family moments. They need not be expensive – but memorable all the same. To be clear, I feel our family does very well spending time together and creating memories. However, this resolution is a challenge to myself to push for new, creative and unique memories for us to share, rather than finding complacency in repeating our past successes. In the past we have gone on road trips, parks, picnics, projects, sporting events and even Sesame Place. I hope to continue doing these special events to keep my children’s life full and meaningful. Here is a quick list of easy free and or cheap activities that anyone can do and make it a special moment for your children. This is not only one of my resolutions – but a life goal of mine. I like to try and complete a special family outing at least once a month. Although they are not always easy, , I do feel it has benefited my children’s behavior, education, and overall life.


{Image By: Lauren Cop. Carlisle}

I would also like to continue on my path of a healthy lifestyle. I am not one who is necessarily ‘unhealthy’ so to speak – but I do have some room to improve. I do NOT believe in dieting – PERIOD. The thought alone drives me crazy – restricting yourself for short periods to get quick results, only to have rebound and possibly be worse than you were before. I do have a weight ‘goal’ in mind – but that is not my ultimate goal. My goal is to continue making smart choices, portion control, and maintain a regular workout routine. I believe that if ANYONE follows these steps with strict regularity than the weight loss will follow. I have a LONG way to go before I am at pre pregnancy weight – but it would be so nice to fit more comfortably in my clothing.



As an addition to the healthy lifestyle I would like to continue to improve upon my social life. Something people don’t talk about often is the loneliness you can feel once you enter motherhood; especially as a SAHM. Yes I am around my children, and yes my husband is there for me – but it still can be quite lonely to not have adult conversation and to give up your career. I spent 2 years basically in my home with minimal adult interaction. It was so bad that when I was around adults, I had a hard time relaxing and having conversation. I was snappy, sad, mad, overwhelmed, and even resentful. This past year through coaxing of my husband, mother, and dear friends, I have slowly started rebuilding my social life. I hope to continue going to my weekly play dates, monthly book club meetings, and having sprinklings of other social dinners, lunches, and nightly drinks. I cannot tell you enough how having others in my life to talk to makes me feel more confident and stable in who I am as a woman, wife, mother, and friend.


Another lifestyle improvement I hope to start this year is reduction in my cell phone use. I easily get sucked into the social network black hole because I am naturally nosey and curious about many subjects. But next thing I know I have missed something. Personally I hate watching others miss what is going on around them because of their cell phones. It really makes me want to grab their phone and smash it! Human interaction is so important and a cell phone CANNOT replace that! I do not want to be one of those cell phone zombies – and I don’t want my children to think that the cell phone addiction of our time is appropriate behavior. My goal is to put my phone away when around my children and check it minimally when with them. I must keep the cell phone quicksand at bay!


Home renovations are another goal of mine. I have a timeline and I will not bore you with the mundane details, but I desperately need to get my home in order. I hate feeling stressed because everything doesn’t have a place and I feel like I live in a mess all the time. We also have some serious issues that need to be remedied as well – including mold, structural damage, and living space optimization. We plan on starting on the basement which has the most work needed and we stand the most to gain. I will keep you updated on the improvements as we complete each task. In fact you can see some of my home inspirations on Pinterest. This, however, is a TRUE resolution – solving the problem of making my house a home.


Lastly I want to continue my daily goals. After my darkest days of motherhood (not because of my children – but more of a complete lifestyle change) I started first by trying to complete a daily goals. Usually this requires the basics – putting things away, generally cleaning, a load of laundry, and one additional task. These additional tasks could be home fixing, blog writing, craft set up, cooking, yard work, etc… They need to be tasks that can be completed in a short time so I can get them done during nap time. I try not to leave them to the evening hours so this way my husband and I can have some quality time together. He travels about 12 weeks out of the year so time together is precious. By accomplishing these goals, it helps give my life worth and purpose outside of my child-related duties. I cannot tell you how good it feels to get these things accomplished.


As you can see, my resolutions are a type of solution – solving the problem of unhappiness, unhealthiness, and a sedentary lifestyle. These goals will lead not only to me but my family to a brighter future. Reflection on the past year and working toward improvements is so healthy for a happy lifestyle. Complacency seldom generates improvement .

Ciao_LaurenCop_Sig-01I hope that my resolutions have inspired you to reflect on your life and to look to a brighter future. Happy New Year and may your 2016 be full of happiness, health, and life.


Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins by day and coaches Volleyball and Track in her “me time”. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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  1. Lauren-
    I also find myself overwhelmed, nervous and awkward when I’m alone with adults without my kids. Maybe we could be weirdos together? And of course only talk about our kids because that’s all I feel comfortable talking about!

    Beautifully written.


  2. Aww Crystal that is seriously the sweetest thing anyone has ever said!! I would LOVE to be weirdos with you! Just pm me and let me know when you are free 🙂


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