7 Spaces to Clean When Your Home Looks Unorganized

A Guest Post by Kathleen Crane

Want your unorganized home to look cleaner? Stick around and we will show you which areas you need to clean to make your abode look better when everything seems to be out of control.


1) Clean faucets and sinks. This is probably the easiest and quickest thing to do. Take a toothbrush or a sponge, spray your faucets and sinks with an all purpose cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes and scrub away the dirt. Rinse well and dry. If your faucets have collected limescale and grime, you might want to try soaking them in vinegar. Fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around the faucets. Let it work for a few hours and take it off. The faucets will come out all clean and shiny.

2) Wipe down lamps, light bulbs and baseboards. Do you know what can make a home appear clean? Wiping down all the areas that you usually forget to clean, as in siding boards, lamps and light bulbs, lamp shades, tops of cabinets. It’s all about the detail.

3) Clean countertops. Splatters and stains on your countertops can make your kitchen look horrendous. Do you know what works best? Soapy water. A combination of some rubbing alcohol and the right method can work wonders. Just make sure you are wiping down in a zigzag pattern and you’ll be fine. And when we say clean, we also mean declutter. Since you are going to be wiping down your countertops, it is a fine time to deal with the piles of unwanted stuff on your countertops. Make sure to find them an appropriate home.

4) Sweep the floor. If you really want to create the impression that your house is clean and organized, you have to get rid of hair, debris, dust bunnies and that kind of grime that clings on to the floor. So, get a groom and sweep it. Or better yet – vacuum to lift all the particles in a quickly and effective manner are saying from End of Tenancy N3

5) Clean the toilet. What happens when you enter a fairly clean bathroom but the toilet is disgusting? It creates a feeling that the whole place is gross. The toilet is one of the areas that should always be sparkling. Even if the bathroom is not so clean, keeping your toilet looking like new will make all the difference.

6) Remove cobwebs. An immaculate property will lose its shine if you let those cobwebs stick around. Yes, they do look pretty nice outdoors but they certainly don’t belong in your home. Grab the vacuum and pay a visit to every corner, cranny and area where spiders love to build their webs and get it over with.



7) Clean the windows and window ledges. What a huge difference can clean windows make to your living environment. They will allow more light in the room, making it appear larger. Window ledges are oftentimes skipped over. But if you take care of them, it will look like you’ve spent a good amount of time cleaning. Don’t forget about blinds, too, if applicable.

Additional tips:

  • Make your bed. A disheveled bed looks anything but attractive. Straighten up the sheets and arrange the pillows. Don’t have too many throw pillows or cushions or your bed will look overcrowded.
  • In that sense, straighten up all cushions on your sofa and arrange all towels neatly.
  • Clean the refrigerator. If your fridge is overcrowded with notes and magnets, get rid of them. Avoid putting stuff on your fridge.

And this is how you can make your unorganized home appear a little bit cleaner and tidier.

Kathleen is a writer based in London. She has experience in the field of home maintenance and improvement and loves to share it with her readers. You can get in touch with her via G+.

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