Celebrate Love | Ways to Say “I LOVE YOU” {Like SURCEES!} Any Day (Not Just Valentine’s Day!)

In doing a little research for this post, I stumbled upon a definition of love that I, well, just love:

Love is the willful and joyful sacrifice of ourselves in the service of others so that they might be blessed. – Erik Raymond

Read an explanation of his definition in his article, “Saying and Meaning I Love You”, HERE.

Valentine’s day advertisements and décor are EVERYWHERE! Don’t get me wrong, as a stationery designer with a tiny (yet growing) spot in the retail market, I definitely have Valentine’s Day campaigns in my future plans as my stationery line continues to expand…but I’m pretty sure I saw some Valentine’s day marketing happening before Christmas was even over. Can’t we get through one holiday at a time?

My Mom loves Valentine’s day. I have not always. Of course, I was single for a loonnnnnnnnnggg majority of my life, so it can be a bit of a bitter holiday at times for the single folk. I am not quite as opposed to it now that I have such a sweet hubby, but I still find the red and pink heart covered world overkill at times…and I STRONGLY believe in telling our loved ones that we love them all year long as opposed to making a big stink about it on one day of the year.


I will say, as a kid, I did always look forward to Valentine’s day because my mom would always place little gifts (in the South we call these “surcees”) at my and my brother’s spot at the breakfast table before we went to school. Sweet Valentine’s surprises just because from she and my Dad. It usually consisted of a little heart shaped box of chocolates, some message hearts, and a couple of little treats and trinkets…could have been a stuffed animal, a new set of paints, or any other little special find of hers. One year as I got older, I received a sweet, sterling silver cherub necklace that I wore every day for a quite a long time.

When I went off to college, instead of putting the treats at my spot at the breakfast table, Mom would wrap them up and stick them in the mail…and then wrap the box in red paper and decorate it with hearts, little stick figure drawings of our family (including the dog and cat) and phrases like “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “LOVVVVVVEE”. I looked through old files of pictures in hopes that my pack-rat self had snapped a photo of one such box, but unfortunately I didn’t. 😦

But back to that surcee word…what the heck is a surcee you ask? SURCEES!!! I LOVE SURCEES! I love giving surcees, and I’ll never turn one down either. A what?


What is a Sursee? It’s a just cuz present. An I love you present. An I thought of you present. {Spelling variations: circe, circi, surcy, sircee}. 

And speaking of surcees, gifts are an entire category of the 5 love languages. The 5 Love Languages is a book that describes how we give and receive love by using 5 broad categories. New York Times bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman assists couples in learning to identify, understand, and speak their spouse’s primary love language —quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

What’s your language?


Whatever your love language, here are some creative ideas for surcees (small gifts), acts of kindness, physical touch, quality time or words of affirmation, to put to good use all year long – on Valentines day or any other day – to surprise your loved ones and show you care:

Make a handmade card. Write a note and stick it in their lunch box. Leave a note in the snow (or dirt) on your loved one’s car, or even a simple post-it on a front door.


Make an easy bouquet of cut flowers from your yard or if you’re really feeling froggy, whip out your debit card and send something more elaborate like this one from Dahlia a Florist in Greenville, SC:


If you want to check out what local florists are in your area, check out flower delivery by BloomNation.

Make them cupcakes, cookies or something else sweet for your sweetie!

Do a chore that usually your loved one would have to do.

Make extra time available to spend with them, even if it’s just 5 minutes in the morning or evening just to hang out together.

Plan a fun date…doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just some time spent together. Tell your significant other what to dress for and what time to be ready.

Make or buy their favorite meal.

Put down the devices. Agree on a time limit to go “phone free” or “technology free” so you really have to spend quality time (and CONVERSATION, GASP!) together.

Make a date jar together over an easy dinner so you can bond over fun plans for the future. Here’s a great set of instructions from The Realistic Mama on how to make your own date jar as well as her list of 175 date ideas.


Make a DIY gift. I realize that not everyone is Martha Stewart, but I DO believe everyone has creativity within. Here are 10 great (and cheap) ideas from Ruth Soukup for DIY gifts… there’s at least one idea on this list that YOU, yes even YOU, can make!

Give them a hug! Hugs are FREE and an easy way to show you care. According to the Huffington Post, “the hormones that are released in the body after a hug aren’t just good for happy feelings — they can also help your physical health. When someone touches you, the sensation on your skin activates pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscles, which then send signals to the vagus nerve, an area of the brain that is responsible for (among many things) lowering blood pressure, NPR reported”.

Most, most, MOST importantly…TELL THEM. Tell the people you love that you love them. Tell them thank you for being in your life. Tell them your life would not be the same without them in it!


Have fun! Life isn’t always easy, but be sure to take time to have a little fun and laugh with your loved ones every day that you can. Life is too short not to.


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