Be A Life Saver! Car Emergency Kit Musts | by Mae Mae

Being a planner, like all things, has its pros and cons. There is always a feeling of accomplishment when organizing and planning successfully. On the downside, I lack spontaneity and the thought of “what ifs” make me wheezy. I am also a successful procrastinator. I believe my success in being a procrastinator lies in planning down to the very last minute. Now that I think about it, I tend to be always running late. Hmm. Maybe, I am too good of a procrastinator. I just don’t see being punctual an attainable goal of mine. ANYWAY! My point, I like to plan which means I always like to be prepared. One way of being prepared is having an “emergency kit”. There are multiple situational emergency kit types, so for this post; I am going to go over car emergency kits. Woot Woot! I know you’re excited! 😀

Regardless of your situation, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you have an emergency bin in your vehicle. There are endless possibilities and situations that you could find yourself in but I feel this supply list covers many possibilities. First, make a list of your supplies, which will help you keep track of your inventory. Routinely go through your bin using your inventory list as a go by. You are now able to restock and replace perishable items successfully. Yay!

Emergency Car Kit Supplies

1. $20 Bill – Back up cash for gasoline, etc.
2. Battery Operated Weather Alert Radio – Store batteries separate to prevent corrosion.


3. Bin – Emergency kit supply storage, ideally to fit in your trunk.
4. Blanket – One fore each person traveling.
5. Escape Hammer – Keep this easily accessible to cut seatbelts and/or break windows.


6. Drinking Water
7. Duct Tape – A true multi-use tool! Make sure to have plenty of it.
8. Reflective Vest
9. Fire Extinguisher ABC – Class A: Paper, Trash and Wood Flammables Class B: Flammable or Combustibles Liquids (gasoline) Class C: Energized Electrical Equipment (batteries)
10. First Aid Kit – Include personal medication that is essential to you and/or family.
11. Flares
12. Flashlight – Include spare batteries.
13. Foam Tire Sealant – An easy and quick to fix a flat without changing the tire!
14. Gloves
15. Ice Scraper
16. Jumper Cables – Make sure they are at least 10 feet long.
17. Pocketknife and/or Multipurpose Utility Tool
18. Prepaid Phone- Have the minutes already placed on the phone and keep it charged.
19. Protein Bars – A non-perishable food source.
20. Hand Warmers
21. Rain Poncho
22. Rags
23. Red Cloth or Flag – Attention grabber!


24. Road atlas
25. Tire Pressure Gauge – Don’t forget to check the pressure in your spare tire!


26. Thick Socks – Keep those toes warm! Also, can be used as gloves.
27. Walkie-Talkies w/ Batteries – Great for caravanning, especially in low cell service areas.
28. Warning Triangles / Cones

warning triangle on the road and the car moved down to the curb

Additional items recommended for keeping in your vehicle

1. Antifreeze
2. Car Jack
3. Cat Litter – Place under your tires for traction.
4. Coins – Toll Roads
5. Empty Gas Can
6. Fuses
7. Motor oil
8. Portable Air Compressor
9. Snow Shovel – In the winter months of course!
10. Spare Tire
11. Tow Rope

You can buy car emergency kits (which is better than nothing), but they typically only cover the bare minimum. Don’t wait until it is too late to put your car emergency kit together! I hope these suggestions were helpful! Fingers crossed your kit stays only as a ‘piece of mind’ versus actually needed! My next “Be A Life Saver” post will discuss a SUBSTANTIAL Wedding Day emergency kit!


A little about myself: I have been happily married for 5 years to a loving husband that spoils me rotten. I am lucky enough to be able to work as Office Manager for my Family’s’ Architectural Firm. If I am not with family or friends, you will find me reading, surrounded by way too many animals (3 dogs and 3 cats – ALL INDOOR)!

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