Celebrate An Extra Day With the Kids | How To Do Leap Year Right | By Lauren Cop

What would you do if you had an extra day? Would you spend it with your kids, a lover, relaxing, catching up on housework? My husband mentioned to me that we had an extra day this year and it got me thinking… what should I do with this extra time? Since I recently started working I would want to spend it with my kids. I have since decided that I want to make this Leap Year the beginning of a tradition to celebrate this extra time – to have the ‘perfect’ day with my kids. Now you may be thinking ok this lady is crazy. A perfect day with kids involves no crying, whining, tantrums, yelling, etc… how can you plan for that? And you would be right – I can’t entirely control those events. But I plan on doing all the things I love with my kids in hopes that their enjoyment will trump their inclinations toward poor behavior. Time with our kids is so precious – it is important to take advantage of these few extra hours that we have been gifted this year.

Good Morning –  I am a morning person and this is my favorite time with my kids. They are so snuggly and smell so good I just want to eat them up!! So I would invite them to my bed to have some family snuggle time. Once they started getting antsy I will feed them their favorite breakfast – yogurt popsicles (thanks Auntie El) with oranges and pancakes. Once finished we would need to get ready for the day. What better way than allowing the kids to dress themselves? You want to wear heals, tiara, and doctor’s coat – you go right ahead! You want Mommy to wear tons of necklaces, boa, and bunny ears – well of course I will. Today is all about fun and putting a smile on everyone’s face after all.


{Viv loves dress up! Photo by Lauren Cop}

Outside Activity – After we are all dressed and fancy we would go outside and do something fun. Now my kids favorite thing to do is play in the water – but it being February, that isn’t really an option at least outside. We could go to the Kroc Center and play in their mini water park! It has a playground, water slide, and lap pool. However, if it is too cold we would head to our second favorite playground Runway Park (only second to Tyger Park which has an amazing splash pad) instead. This park has an airplane theme and even makes me want to enjoy the rides. What is also neat is it is next to a small airport so you can see planes taking off and landing multiple times throughout the day!! If you haven’t been it is a must – there is even a cute little diner next door for clean bathrooms and a quick snack. At the playground we would have a picnic and have one last round on the playground before heading home for nap time.

{Runway Park}

{Kroc Center}

Inside Craft Activity – During the girls’ nap time I would come up with some sort of project. Maybe we would play with slime or play-dough. We could make cards, color, and play with stickers. Maybe we would do a sensory bin or play in the bathtub. The indoor activities can be endless. Listed below are some of my go-to links for fun activities.

Cooking Dinner – After we cleaned up from our activity we would then work on dinner. I allow the kids to help with all aspects of cooking. They can taste, smell, and touch most ingredients! This evening I believe I would begin to teach the girls how to cook pasta sauce. I made this same recipe with my father growing up and everything we did was to taste.  We would put the whole tomatoes in the press and make the tomato sauce. Then we would chop carrots, celery, onions, and garlic. Sautee the veggies, add the pureed tomatoes and cook for a few hours. Pretty simple and so delicious! And the girls would be able to help in almost every aspect which makes this the ideal recipe to help teach the kiddos about cooking.

Sweet Dreams –  Finally after this long day of fun it is time to begin our bedtime routine. We would take our bath with the Crayola Soap Paint in order to make it fun and without complaint. Then we would brush our teeth and read some books. I love story time – it allows the girls to show off some of their vocabulary as well as let their imaginations flow. Finally its ‘potty’ time and we head off to bed. Every night my husband and I sing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ – an ode to my Grandmother. The kids now even join in which is just the sweetest!! We would kiss them goodnight and for ONCE they would go right to bed and we wouldn’t have to go in again (HA! A mother can dream right)!

Obviously this is just my personal plan for a perfect day with my kids. My husband may have different ideas. My kids may want to do something else – but the important thing to remember is time is precious. We have our kids little for a limited amount of time. With a few extra hours this year it is so important to take advantage of this time. So no matter what you choose to do – try to find something extra fun and special to share with your children. Doesn’t have to be a whole day but that one special activity can make all the difference. So again I ask – if you had some extra hours… how would you chose to spend your day?


Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins by day and coaches Volleyball and Track in her “me time”. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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