3 Ways to Intentionally Bring Delight And Honor To The BFFs In Your Life | By Dorothy Camak

“You get a best friend! You get a best friend! EVERYBODY gets a best friend!”


My love for my girlfriends runs deep and wide. Old ones and new ones. Near and far. Facebook conversations and friend dates to the local Community Tap

My very first BFF and I were downtown Tuesday night when we ran into another girlfriend. We were all unknowingly headed to the Patti Griffin concert just a block away. As we walked, I introduced them to each other, citing them both as my “best friend.” And they are both best friends of mine, uniquely precious and similarly significant in my life.   It got me thinking a little bit more about relationships, my girlfriends especially, and how essential, vital, and valuable they have been in my life. Sure, I have 30 wallet -sized photos of my single sisters and I posing for our high school prom portrait. {Not having boyfriends did not stop us from dousing ourselves in Clinique Happy fragrance and buying overpriced bedazzled ball gowns.} We wore our itchy tulle in solidarity, and we survived our teens.

Over the years, seasons have produced all sorts of various “best friendships.” You may have seen this too. And it looks different for everyone. Some seasons are shorter and others seemingly die yet return with new life. Others shift and reshape, but they all contribute to who we are are today, and more importantly, the who we are becoming. Not every friendship will be a “BFF” and that’s okay. You can enjoy those relationships too.


I talked last month last month about being stuck in your prayer life. Friendships, too, are not immune from the “routine rut.” We spend our days hustling around and occupied with checking off our to- dos, that it can be easy to forget one of the most life-giving parts of our lives. Our BFFs. I took a quick assement of my previous week. How much time had I spent actively feeding my friendships? My test score was low.

Proust wrote, “ Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Are we showing our gratitude to these beloved sisters? And what does that look like?

I like the way Paul puts it in Romans,  “Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.”(Romans 12:10)

Delight and Honor!

Yes, let’s sow those seeds.

My friends, just like our prayer lives, we can sow new seeds into our friendships that will surely blossom and bloom. Here are three ways you intentionally bring delight and honor to the BFFs in your life!

  1. Establish a Tradition that Honors your BFF. Take some time to brainstorm about your BFF. What are her values? What is it important to them? Challenge yourself by not only thinking on your shared interests, but something that is unique to her. A lot of BFFs are polar opposites, so that is often a good place to start brainstorming. Does your BFF have a heart for a certain charity or local ministry? Volunteer some of your time every year around their birthday in honor of her. {Bonus points for BFFS opting out of a gift exchange next Christmas and instead making a donation to each others favorite non- profit.}
  2. Make a BFF Happy Jar. You may have heard of the Happiness Jar Project or even have one yourself. The concept is simple. Each day, you jot down your happiest moment and place it in your jar. Big or small, take note of your merriest moment, fold it up, and in the jar it goes. Then, whenever you need or just want a mood booster, grab a slip of paper and be reminded of those moments. Summoning to our mind past moments of joy are great ways to generate gratitude in our hearts. How about sharing that love and making a happy jar for a friend? Delightful, right? The concept is still simple. Fill the jar with reasons you value and love your friend. Get creative and fill the scraps of paper with hilarious inside jokes or recount a memory you shared together. Don’t hold back. This is a fun way to celebrate and honor her for sure!


  1. Take a trip together. This one may require a some planning together. {Bonus points if you can pull off a successful element of surprise.} This is a next level kind of delight and honor, but BFFs are next- level friends. My sister- in- law and I went on our first trip together this past year to New York. This shared experience will be something we will always have and just one of the many reasons I call her my sister- in- love. Cheesy by true. There is something about spending an extended time with someone that can turn a new friend into an old friend. You get to know each other’s playlist: the good the bad and the ugly. You find out their weird habits(I sleep with earplugs and a mask. And I promise I’m not 85 years old.) And you may have watched an embarrassingly amount of Laguna Beach and The Hills , repeating your favorite lines. A trip can transform a ‘best friend’ into that ‘BFF, for life, always and forever kind.’ And you don’t have to become bunkmates for life to reap the reward. (Although, one of my best friend relationships undoubted solidified itself after living together in a tiny studio apartment. I’ve heard rooming with a best friend can break a friendship, well, I’m here to say it can also make one into a sister.) Give this one a try and take a little trip!

Don’t stop with these three ideas! Be intentional in feeding your friendships with seeds that are special and specific to your lives. Get creative. And it’s a process, you know–a continued cultivation of our lives. Don’t get discouraged by your own failings in friendships or feel inadequate to having or being a BFF. Today’s suggestions are not the end game, sweet friends. Aristotle called friendship, “a slow ripening fruit.” Let’s not be hurried today, but let’s be more aware and mindful of the sweet sweet fruit God is gifting in our lives. While we hone our “honoring skills,” we can delight in the deliciousness of God’s sweet mercy and steadfast love.

DotheadshotDorothy Camak makes her #inreallife home in Greenville, South Carolina—a little southern city that has stolen her heart. Online, Dorothy makes her home at www.dorothycamak.com. She is fascinated by the connecting power of conversation. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram as these conversations become a new Podcast series launching soon!

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