Rejoice! Easter Has Arrived | Spring Has Sprung

YES!!! FINALLY!!! It’s time to put up the movies, indoor activities, and winter clothing. Ok, maybe not quite yet – but it is almost time! I LOVE warm days and the promise of Easter. Easter itself holds a lot of nostalgia for me. Growing up in Pennsylvania, you never knew what the weather would hold – but I do remember most Easters being sunny and sometimes warm. We would all get fancy new clothes, dress whites, and begin planning for our spring and summer activities. As I have gotten older and moved away from the church (a long tumultuous story that I may share on another date), Easter has not lost its luster. It is a wonderful celebration of life, forgiveness, and rejuvenation. I hope that I will be able to continue to instill the importance of Easter upon our children as they grow older.

Easter Bunny Traditions  – As with many holiday characters, the Easter Bunny is not immune to controversy. My parents, I feel, handled the Easter Bunny well in the fact that it was definitely not the center of the celebration but more of a fun little addition. Essentially, the Easter Bunny would hide Easter baskets and fill the plastic Easter eggs overnight. My brothers and I would then wake up early on Easter morning and try to eat as much candy as we could before our parents woke up. After we went to church and had a family brunch, we would have a family Easter egg hunt. Since the emphasis was not on the Easter Bunny and more on the Resurrection and family celebration I never felt like Easter was just about some bunny. I, too, hope to keep our Easter Bunny traditions simple, and focus more on the dawn of new life.

Easter Egg Dying Techniques – I LOVE to dye Easter eggs! As a child I would look at the Easter eggs that my Father, Uncle, Aunt, and Grandmother created when they were younger (yes my grandmother kept them). Some of the old eggs had the yolks blown out of them through a pin hole, others did not and you can now rattle the hardened yolk when you shake the egg. I also loved watching my family members create new shades, perfect dying techniques, all in creating brilliantly colored eggs. Now, there are so many options for dying eggs, it is almost overwhelming. When I dye eggs with my girls, I put them in an old undershirt and let them go to town outside. This way, there is little mess and clean up. Also, coconut oil is great for getting the dye out of the girls’ skin without using harsh chemicals. This year, I hope to incorporate some new techniques like rubber bands, stickers, crayons, and maybe one of the ones listed below…


{Viv and Noli dying eggs together for the first time in 2015}
{Photo By: Lauren Carlisle 2015}

Easter Fashions – I love the springtime fashions that come just in time for Easter. Lace, pastels, hats, white shoes, sparkles, florals, and lots of happy clothing! You can find these wonderful outfits everywhere from Walmart and Target to Lily Pulitzer and Tori Birch. You don’t have to spend a fortune – or even get something brand new! Growing up, I had all kinds of interesting outfits – from hats, gloves, and stockings to matching dresses with my American Girl doll. Not all of them were ones I would wear again, but there are some that still hold great memories for me. But I do love an adorable kid’s Easter outfit! I mean, isn’t it so adorable to see these little kids all dressed up – even if they do get some chocolate, mud, paint – and whatever else they can find – on them later! Here are some of my favs….


Springtime Children Wreaths – Wreaths have not just become a fun fad. I remember making and seeing all kinds of wreaths during the springtime growing up. Ones for the table, doors, and even banisters. They weren’t necessarily homemade or even made of organic material – like real flowers, leaves, and even moss. But all were reminders of the life that is springtime. Some of my favorite ones include flowers, birds, and an organic element. I am looking forward to seeing some of your creations this season just like ours! Here are some of my favorites. Plus, depending on the type of wreath you create with your children, it will surely be a hit with each ensuing spring! Listed below are a few links of the ones I hope to create sometime this spring!

Other Easter Activities – If nothing else, springtime is a great time of year for some super fun crafting activities with your kids AND you can finally do them OUTSIDE to minimize the mess!! Listed below are just a few links for some fun activities I hope to do with my girls during this spring!

Life, forgiveness, and rejuvenation – what a great time of year!! Easter is such a wonderful time not only for religious reasons, but also because of longer sunnier days, bright colors, and promise of life. For me, it’s a time to enjoy new fashion, get crafty, and down-right dirty in the garden (stay tuned for more on this topic later this month!)  In fact, I am currently writing this outside in the attempts to enjoy this warm weather before ‘Ole Man Winter’ decides he isn’t finished with us just yet! So what will you do this Easter… crafts, egg dying, garden walks? Whatever you choose, make sure it brings you joy and reinvigorates a sense of new life within you – after all, that is what the spring and Easter are all about!

ciao_laurencop_sig-01Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins by day and coaches Volleyball and Track in her “me time”. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow herTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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