For the Unhappy Camper | By Mae Mae


For The Unhappy Camper

Typically, you are able to get out of the obligation of a camping trip with your significant other, family and/or friends; but there is always the occasional trip when you are roped in. I hear you! I love my luxury! In no way, shape or form am I qualified to tell you what you logistically need to pack to have a successful camping experience. I totally depend on my husband for that! This post is specifically speaking to those who begrudgingly go camping with an experienced camper.

So now I am about to contradict myself, but I actually enjoy the idea of camping. Nature is captivating! It’s the tranquil sound of rushing water as the sun bathes you; the way nature is always speaking to you with so much beauty waiting to be discovered. The idea of leaving all the rigmarole of everyday life behind for a few days and taking a deep breath of fresh air is intoxicating. But, as I said before, I definitely love my luxury so here are a few tips that I wanted to share that hopefully makes camping a more comfortable experience for you.

When camping, always request a campground that has plumbing and a shower. Life is about compromising, right! So now that you have access to a shower, I recommend having a shower caddy loaded and ready to go! Having a shower caddy is efficient and you don’t have to worry about where to put your products. Don’t forget a cheap pair of flip-flops to wear in the shower. Those floors are EW!


THE OBVIOUS, but it is worth mentioning! Bring bug repellant! When I say bug repellant, I’m talking mosquito, tick, ant killer (ant free camping zone please), wasp spray… really anything you think you might need for that area! Also, don’t forget sunscreen, aloe, first aid kit, and anti-itch cream.


Luggage … I mean it is great if you can fit everything you need in a book bag but I am not that person! I find it is easier to pack my clothes, etc. in a 5 gallon plastic bin instead of taking my nice luggage bags. Totally your call!


Personally, the least desirable experience with camping is the condensation in the tent that makes you feel icky! Solution… Bring a de-humidifier! They make mini de-humidifiers that use silica (so batteries are not even required)! They also have large silica packs available that help absorb the extra moisture in your tent. Personally, I have not tried the silica packs for this but I have read promising reviews.



Don’t forget your fan! They make convenient battery-operated fans that attach to the top of your tent to help keep you cool on those warm nights! Make sure to choose one that includes a light.



If your tent is large enough, bring an air mattress! If you have access to a power source, then a self-inflating air mattress is super convenient. If not, go old school and use a battery-operated pump to blow up the air mattress. They also make single person camping air beds that you blow up yourself like a float. They are not very thick but you could always double them. If you’d rather not hassle with the inflating of a mattress, you could always use a type of foam pad to add cushion!


Addicted to coffee? Stock up on pre-packaged coffee drinks! Now you are able to sip away as you wait for AN HOUR (literally!) as the coffee percolates over the campfire. This greatly increases the chances of heads staying intact!J



Camping is still camping and it just may not be for you, and that is ok. But, if you are willing to adapt, I hope my tips will make it a little easier! Take advantage of this time and break away from your electronic devices. Appreciate conversations around a campfire, read a book while feeling the peacefulness that surrounds you, release stress by painting beside a rushing river, enjoy a scenic hike and the beauty around you!

A little about myself: I have been happily married for 5 years to a loving husband that spoils me rotten. I am lucky enough to be able to work as Office Manager for my Family’s’ Architectural Firm. If I am not with family or friends, you will find me reading, surrounded by way too many animals (3 dogs and 3 cats – ALL INDOOR)!

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