Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Why You Should Plan a Grown Up Slumber Party for You & Your Girlfriends | By Dorothy

It’s been a pleasure joining the Olive Shoe this year. Each month, I consider my contributing post, reflecting on my recent days or lessons I am learning. The topic of intentionality has found it’s way in each of my posts here, as I truly believe it is one of the most valuable ways we can enhance and grow our lives(or perhaps it is because I am a slow learner so the same lessons keep finding their way to me.) Whether it is cultivating a thriving prayer life or sowing the seeds for a blossoming friendship, being purposeful and intentional is significant to yielding great growth in specific areas of our lives. I ponder, too, on Lauren’s theme for TOS blog: celebrating creatively and creatively celebrating. (It’s fun to say out loud too..try it!…And if you like how that rolls off the tongue, may I suggest that you add PLOP DOP to your vocabulary as well as your soul nourishing routine? )

If you were to look at your upcoming week, would you be able to identity times of celebration or creativity? What about last week? You may not have a scheduled party on the books, but are their opportunities for you to celebrate? As we continue to cultivate lives of intentionality, we remember that in order to yield the right kind of growth, we must nourish the right of seeds. And being intentional doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice creativity and celebration. More often then not, we associate intention and purpose with our routine and to-dos. Sweet friends, we can be purposeful in our pursuit of FUN! Yeah, let’s cultivate those BFF friendships we chatted about last month with a little creativity and a whole lotta FUN! Cue: Cydi Lauper.

Take a look back at your planner again. If it feels impossible to find moments of just good old-fashioned fun with friends in your over scheduled life, then work within the rhythm of your routine and don’t feel silly about scheduling some celebration in.
Proust wrote, “ Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Who makes your soul blossom? I hope and pray you have many people in your life who do. They can come in waves and seasons; they can also come in groups or as individuals. All significant and all meaningful. Sometimes when the season and soil is juussst right, you get a little gift of a garden and gardeners that stay with you forever.


During my mid twenties, a unique little garden popped up in the form of a group of four girlfriends. We didn’t have friendship bracelets or anything, and our histories as friends differed, but I think we sealed our fate as forever friends with a caravan style road trip complete with walkie-talkies.

These women have been integral and vital to my ‘soul blossoming’, but our four lives no longer naturally converge. Our paths have changed and our work, personal lives, and commitments differ. We were really only in the same geographic location for a short time. So without intentional planning, our unique little garden would have no gardeners. (BFF kind of friendships are special because they persevere and have strong roots to keep them intact. So yeah, we are not required to tend to them all the time, but isn’t it so much more bountiful and plentiful when we do?) These girlfriends and I decided that instead of blaming our schedules, we would use them. We have come a long way through the years. We now have a handle on the holidays—we kick off the season with a planned brunch—each year’s date scheduled for the same time. But just like church, Christmas and Easter ain’t enough for the deepest soul nourishment!

So with one- hour lunches and happy hour meet ups falling short, we needed to get creative. How could we love each other well and delight and honor(Romans 12:10) the gift of this unique friendship bond? We craved more time with each other, and we wanted to just have more fun! So, what better way to ensure hours of laughter, fun, and dedicated girl talk then to plan an old school style Slumber Party! So with a date on the books and Cyndi Lauper in our heads, we created our festive friend night of fun!


And, y’all it was a blast. I could recount the entire evening for you, giving you tips and tricks for a “successful slumber party,” but as you probably know for yourself, our best memories and experiences are hardly ever a result of following a formula. Our intentionality was focused on setting aside dedicated time with each other not planning every single detail of the party. We were thoughtful in our preparation. We prepared our little garden so when we all got there, we were free to be present, concentrating on soaking and savoring all the goodness of it! Within that allotted time, we knew our only goal was to have fun! Without out hurried hustle, we fully immersed ourselves in every laugh, every story, and every tear. We tasted the fruit of our friendship while sowing new seeds at the same time. I cannot tell your what a difference a little extra planning will do for your little friendship seeds and gardens.


My challenge for you this month is to consider a unique friendship, group, or tribe in your life. Maybe it’s a group friends you walked through a certain season of life or even a trial? It could be a few co-workers you always feel encouraged by after spending time together? Or maybe it’s the gang you hang out with every Friday night but conversations are always more catch up than connection. To dig a little deeper, you may consider a garden that needs extra love. One that you may have neglected and has seemingly dried up over time. After you have this group in mind, get creative about how you can intentionally and purposefully celebrate them with TIME AND FUN! Celebrating is not just for birthdays and holidays. Sweet friends, may we never tire of taking joy in the everydays, and with God’s grace, may we delightfully tend to our ‘gardens’ with grateful hearts and honor to Him.

If your own little garden of gals is ready for a slumber party like ours, I’ll leave you with a few of our favorites activities from our festive night!

Throw it back with a game of MASH!!!


Catch up and connect with this “Currently” Printable (Click for Link):


YouTube playlists featuring your favorite jams!

And bonus points if you can catch the Karaoke Uber to your slumber party destination! Hint: He is in Greenville, so local friends, I can give you his number!
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