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Hi friends!

Earlier this week my friend Dorothy suggested ways to declutter your digital space in her guest post “Spring Cleaning | Digital Declutter to Detox and Discover”. Well, let me just tell you, this creative (and creatively organized) lady has mastered the Kon Marie Method.  Her space is not only clean and tidy, but it is also filled with only items she truly enjoys – items that “spark joy”. I knew the first time I walked in that her space had to appear on my creative spaces tour, and I’m so excited to begin this series!

I have another space that I’m super excited to share as well, but given her blog post earlier this week I decided to go ahead and show you Dorothy’s fabulous spot first…so stay tuned – more fabulous creative spaces coming soon!

Dorothy has created a charming, feminine and fully functional space she calls home in an adorable 499 square foot flat in Greenville, SC. Come along for the tour!


Dorothy’s door is adorned with this charming rustic-chic wreath (ironically inspired by my post on Winter Wreaths earlier this year!). This sweet wreath is perfectly placed for all seasons, though, don’t you think?

Inside the front door, we find an open floor plan and a modern kitchen. Creative touches in Dorothy’s flat include a fun runner (rug), invitations and pictures of her family and friends adorning one side of her fridge, a monogrammed dish towel and…


…THIS. AMAZINGLY. ORGANIZED. DISH & DOODAD AREA. Complete with washi tape and motivational messages. Swoon.



Makes you want to run right out and buy some washi tape, doesn’t it? Make a quick 180 on your heel and you’re facing her bathroom… now I’m not really in the habit of taking pictures in people’s bathrooms….but as I said earlier, Dorothy has masterd the Kon Marie Method, and even in her bathroom she is surrounded by things that she loves and items that uplift her.

No junk drawers or can’t-open-me closets here folks.


Just outside the bathroom on the rest of the wall opposite the open kitchen is her “office space”. This one-woman-wonder has designed an inspiring and functional space in which to follow her dreams and aspirations. Armed with a big white desk, plenty of pens, highlighters, and markers, her computer, and her faithful planner, this lady is actively pursuing her calling. Who wouldn’t want to work in this space?


With her office space on your left, you are looking at the rest of her compact creative haven. From your 12 to 3 PM (o’clock), you’d be looking at her living room. A comfy brown couch, tufted ottoman doubling as a coffee table, and a side table made from some sort of stand and a vintage silver tray combine to create the perfectly pleasing, functional and aesthetic lounge area. She has made the space personal by adding several books and a picture with one of her oldest and dearest friends on a side table, and her favorite devotional on the tufted ottoman. Gold sequin pillows and a pretty mirror are the cherry on this Sunday afternoon chill spot.




Sitting on the comfy chocolate brown couch and staring straight ahead, you’d see Dorothy’s bedroom area, which can also be a reading nook or a more comfortable and casual work spot when she doesn’t feel like sitting at a desk (and I was even able to catch her in action, y’all!)


I immediately noticed two books on the shelf above her bed which happen to be two of my favorite as well: The Holy Bible and the Wizard of Oz. We are indeed kindred.


And of course…I’m sure y’all are wondering…where is the closet? Well, even her walk-in closet is organized AND inspiring! I won’t post random pictures of her outfits, but I had to snap a shot of this, because it is just too graceful-meets-glamorous not to show:


As I finish up this post, I find myself humming My Favorite Things, maybe because Dorothy is clearly surrounded by hers. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first Creative Space Tour here at The Olive Shoe! If you have a creative space you’d like to see featured, I’d love to come take a look and even snap a few photos – please email me at and let’s have a chat!

In an ode to one of my previously mentioned old favorites…There’s no place like home!


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