Legends Never Die | Mel’s May Playlist and my Potato Salad Recipe

Happy Monday y’all! Can you believe it’s already May?!?! After the weather this weekend, I think it’s safe to say that the warm season has arrived! I made the first batch of potato salad of the year yesterday, which definitely signals to me that the warm season is upon us. {Here in the South Cackalack, we have about 6 days of Spring, 5 months of Warm/Hot Weather Blend, and then maybe 6-8 days of Fall, hence my saying “the warm season”}.

Van and I went to a cookout at friends’ house yesterday – the last “Sunday Supper” at their house before they move into the new one they are building. About 10 of us used to regularly have dinner there every Sunday night, and though the tradition has faded over the years with lives changing and generally getting busier, the vibe was the same yesterday evening. A mellow dinner rehashing the weekend and catching up, and taking a minute to enjoy each others’ company before we go back to the grind Monday morning.

Yesterday I made potato salad for the occasion, a loose recipe I’ve honed over the years based on potato salads of the past and on a mini-mission to create the perfect a southern potato salad recipe…weird, I know. I love it though, and it takes a minute to make, but I only make it for group cookouts such as the one last night.

13099007_1021177344625196_425429529_n{Hot Potatoes Being Seasoned for “Lauren’s Southern Potato Salad”}

A whole 5 lb bag of potatoes and 10-12 eggs go into a batch, and the only measure of whether it’s seasoned right or not is how the steam coming off the hot boiled bite-sized potatoes smell after I’ve seasoned them and mixed them with chopped onion. I’ve decided to share the recipe with y’all, so you can download a .pdf version of it by clicking the image below. Maybe I’ll do a step by step blog post later this summer :). The measurements are guesstimates, and like I said, I know it’s right by the smell. Feel free to email me if you have questions on how to make it though!


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the spread last night. I told Elana (the hostess), that it was a grown up cookout spread…in place of random bags of chips and canned, dumped baked beans, the side spread to go with our grilled (BYOMs – Bring Your Own Meats) included: grilled asparagus, potato salad, two different home-made (delicious) batches of baked beans, and caprese salad. YUMMO. A perfect May 1 Sunday dinner, and an opportunity to savor the little moments as eras end and begin every day.

And speaking of eras beginning and ending, 2016 has seen the loss of several legendary greats in music {moment of silence for David Bowie, Prince and Merle Haggard}.

In honor of all musical legends, Mel created this LEGENDARY playlist for us…full of tunes that will make you smile, laugh, maybe even cry, and if you don’t know them, you should. Enjoy! (and if you’re not following The Olive Shoe on Spotify, get all the playlists here!)


…and as a little wink to my hubby and nod to Ol’ Merle…

So as you get your May and your warm season off to a start, remember to enjoy those little moments (like good potato salad), and the big ones too. RIP Prince, Merle, David and Sunday Dinners at Elana’s old house. The upside, though, is that legends never die and they always leave us with cherished memories that live on forever.

Hope everyone has had a not-so-manic Monday! Sometimes they can be like Life on Mars…


Melissa Aronson (a.k.a. Mel – our Olive Shoe Musical Guru) is the mother of two, a music aficionado, and a free spirit. She works full time at a financial investment firm in Greenville, SC. She loves live music, collecting Vinyl, and musical instruments, concert posters, and going on adventures with B&B. Follow her on Instagram.


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