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Hi Friends!

It’s been a while! Summer was a whirlwind. So many things I want to blog about and so many irons in the fire! Whew! While I try to process through all of the topics and possible posts and new material, projects, and SO MUCH GOOD STUFF I want to share with y’all, I have a special treat for today: the next installment on The Creative Home Tour.

I knew the minute I walked into this house for the first time that it had to be on the tour. My friend, creative collaborator, #Esther414 advocate, and Sunday summit-er has a passion for life, a love for family, a desire (and incredible talent) for hosting in her home and elsewhere and THE DISHES. THE ART. O….M….Good gracious. Skilled at blending color, textures & patterns, the Bibb home is not only loving, focused on family, and welcoming to guests…all done with creativity and style.

Welcome to The Bibb Home.


Who lives here? Mykael, Mike, Henry (1 year old) and Maggie (the family pup).


{The Bibbs, Christmas 2015}

When was it built? 2004

When did you move in? 2005

How many square feet is it? 3300

What’s your favorite room? Henry’s. I painted this room before Mike and I ever met with a child in mind. I used to come into this room and pray for him in the mornings before we got pregnant.


Henry’s room is colorful and playful. A friendly giraffe bigger than little Henry guards the room, and a handmade mobile hangs over Henry’s turquoise crib.

Because Henry is almost to a big boy bed but not quite, an little mattress and pillow “decorate” the floor.




Do you have a favorite piece of furniture? The buffet in the dining room has the best story. I bought it from this woman’s son who was selling all of her furniture. She showed up at the salon one day, and I cut her hair just once – and told me all the stories about her furniture.


Ok, so what’s the deal with the dishes? My mom used to take me with her to antique stores, and over the years, well… I used to buy the green jadeite a little at a time and now I have quite a bit! I feel like the kitchen table is intimate. Not a big dining room table or a banquet but when someone is eating in your kitchen. It’s personal. I want people to feel like they have eaten well in my kitchen, and for the experience to be just as good as the food.

(FYI, it is, y’all. Mykael is an excellent cook and it always looks pretty.)

Do you have a favorite item in your house? I used to have an index card of what I was looking for in a husband. I had it framed and gave it to Mike as a wedding gift.


{How special is this, y’all?…and how about that wallpaper?!?!?}

How would you describe your style? (Laughs) Living among multiple styles and a one-year-old?

Who have been some of your major style influencers? Lynn Ramsey, Ina Garten, Mary Kay Andrews

A teal door greets you at the front steps of the Bibb home, where you enter into a great room that looks over Broadway lake.



A quick turn and you’re facing the kitchen, kitchen table, that gorgeous hutch with Mykael’s collection of Mottahedah Tobacco Leaf and Jadeite dishes I mentioned earlier, the dining room and the sun room…but before we head over there, let’s take a quick peek into the master bedroom.


{P.S. I spy two little tulip paintings by yours truly up there on the wall!}

I love how Mykael blends art, ordinary items, and sentimental items into her every day decor. We laughed at Henry’s toys in her bedroom, but I love how it shows both her style and ability to retain her identity while embracing motherhood.


There’s that gorgeous wallpaper again! The master bath features a footed tub and vanity space as well.

Ok, lets finish checking out the great room and the rest of the house!


Oh I almost forgot! Love this little nook as you enter and exit the master bedroom. Not only is there a precious picture of Henry and his little tiny footprint, but also a Maggie painting, and two other tiny paintings. A jadeite bowl filled with dried flowers Mike has giving Mykael completes the mini-collection. Family is clearly a priority in this creative home.

DSC_0140DSC_0199DSC_0148DSC_0151{Sunday supper was simmering in that crock pot…}


{I am IN LOVE with her collection of oyster dishes that welcome you to the dining room.}


{This sweet teepee serves as a little reading nook for Henry}


{The kitchen table ready for lunch}

Through the doorway in the kitchen we can sneak a peek at the sunroom, where Maggie was napping.


Below are two of my favorite pieces from Mykael’s art collection.


Just behind the kitchen is an L-shaped hallway. One arm serves as the laundry area and home hub, with a door at the end that leads out to a carport and patio.



{Don’t miss the vintage lunch box collection on the 3rd shelf}

Down the other arm of the hallway we find the guest room and guest bath…along with more of her jadeite collection {SWOON}…



{And how adorable is that sweet girl (cough, cough, Mykael) by the pond?}


{Love that little post-it of English & Spanish “Take A Bath” for teaching Henry}

Henry’s room, is also down that hallway, which you saw a little bit earlier.

Last surprise down that hallway is an amazing closet turned mini-office, which is a testament to Mykaels creativity AND organization! I love this little nook that is well-labeled, loved and creatively decorated.


…and now I leave you for lunch at Mykael’s kitchen table and the rest of our Summit Sunday. Thanks for taking this Creative Home Tour! Can’t wait until next month!


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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In an ode to one of my previously mentioned old favorites…There’s no place like home!


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