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What is your name? Tara Cummings


Meet my friend Tara. For about a year and a half, we have been doing life together through a small group at NewSpring Church. When I first had the idea for this series, like Daniela from last month’s spotlight, Tara was at the top of the list!

Sidenote: I have been THRILLED with the response to last month’s spotlight and am excited to say that I have creativity crusaders books for THE YEAR! I have already started a list for next year, and if you have an idea of someone that should be on that list, please send me your “nomination” at I absolutely love celebrating the creative people we live, work, and do life with! Ok…back to Tara!

How old are you (if you are ok with sharing…totally optional)? 22

In what city & state do you live? Anderson, SC

Do you consider yourself to be creative? Sometimes 😉

I completely understand. Love that honest answer…pretty sure everyone has “sometimes” moments no matter what they do!

What toys or activities were you drawn to as a child? Hula hoop, Skip it, and hide-and-seek were a few faves. I liked activities I could do better than my brother.


What inspires you? The people I work with. They are constantly coming up with new ideas and showing me cool things. Check out NewSpring Creative on Dribbble and Vimeo and I’m sure you’ll be inspired, too! 


{Check out NewSpring Creative on Dribbble}

I love that you are inspired by the people you work with. It’s amazing what can happen when more than one creative brain work towards tackling the same project. I feel this in my own brainstorming sessions!

What do you do for a living? Creative Team Project Manager at NewSpring Church

‘Christmas at NewSpring’ 2016 | Trailer from NewSpring Creative on Vimeo.

Tara traveled to Morrocco last year to work on this project for NewSpring Christmas Services.

Are you formally educated or self-taught? I guess you could say self-taught. However, I had a lot of people pour into me during my first years as a Project Manager.


How do you get un-stuck if you’re in a creative rut? Talk to others and bounce ideas off of them! And talk to my husband. Sometimes his  straightforward and random ideas can spark something for me!


How do you feel about your organization and time management skills? Pretty good! Other people’s jobs depend on my organization, so that helps me stay focused and keep it a priority.


{Tara on set in Morocco filming material for the 2016 Christmas Services}

Do you have a routine? Absolutely! I’m so routined even my dog is on a routine!

How do you deal with stress? My body always shows stress before my mind, so I like to get massages, manis & pedis!

Yes, please!

If you have more to do than can fit in a typical day, do you get up earlier or stay up later? Get up earlier, for sure! I can’t make it past 10pm.

How do you spend your time when you’re not working? Going on dates with Riley, playing with my goldendoodle, Theo, shopping, eating great food, and cheering on the Tigers!


I heart Theo.

What’s one piece of advice you would tell your younger self? You have nothing to prove.

So good, lady. So good. We are our own worst critics aren’t we?

And just for fun…

Favorite color? Yellow

Describe yourself in one word. Steady

The last thing you ate was… Chick Fil A nuggets & BBQ sauce

A favorite quote you want to share? “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” —Proverbs 16:24

Love. ❤

Do you have any party tricks? I wish!

You can follow Tara on Instagram @_taracummings and NewSpring Creative on Twitter @newspringcrtv .

Visit NewSpring Church at any of our campuses across South Carolina. For more information visit HERE.


If you know a creativity crusader you’d like to see featured, I’d love to meet them and chat for a few minutes! Please email me your “nomination” at

Last month I featured Daniela Zographos of Yumsies Cookies and Confections.

Stay tuned for more great creativity crusaders coming each month!

Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!


{Photo by NewSpring Creative}


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