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It’s the end of March y’all! How’d that happen? I will say, I am loving the GREEN everywhere, leaves are bright, flowers are blooming. Spring is here!!! Speaking of spring, this home is a breath of fresh air. Light and airy with pops of color and unexpected but perfectly placed pieces – you will enjoy every inch of this home.

There were two houses that gave me the idea for this little monthly virtual tour. I thought, there is just too much creative goodness going on in little ol’ Anderson that needs to be celebrated. This home is one of them. Morgan, the hostess of the house, our good friend Emily, and I were throwing a little sprinkle for a dear friend having a baby girl, and the shindig was at Morgan’s. I had to put blinders on when we were party prepping because it was the first time I had been to her house and I just wanted to drink it in. A self-proclaimed design-on-a-dimer, Morgan has an impeccable eye for detail, color and texture combinations and her home reflects just that….

HOWEVER, I did not realize until I did the little interview that goes along with me poking around their house snapping photos…that Chris, the host of the home, is also a pretty dang talented handyman.

Y’all, this fabulous couple – kind as can be and would give you the shirts of their backs – are Anderson’s own little Chip and Jo. There is major heart and hard work put into this home by both of them, so keep that in mind as you take a looksy at these photos….and P.S. their two adorable kiddos live here too!

You’ll be getting a two-fer in April – both the Before’s from the Tally Carlisles’ new abode and another fun creative home. But FIRST, let me introduce you to the DeBrews.


Me: When was the house built?

Chris: 2015, we started building in January and moved in in August. This is our fourth house.

Me: What is your favorite room?

Morgan: Probably the kitchen or the kitchen and living combination – I love that it’s multifunctional for us.

Chris: Hands down my shop. I inherited my Dad’s tools, so they are sentimental.

Me: This is your fourth house? Let’s go back to that. Have you flipped houses?

Chris: We didn’t originally plan to, but we kind of have.

Morgan: It just sort of happened. We both like to work together on them. Chris did a lot of the work here.

Me: Oh really?

Chris: Her Dad and I did it together. I spent pretty much every weekend over here from start to finish…we grated the lot, cut the trees, installed the irrigation and landscaping…

Me: Wow! Y’all are like Chip and Jo! (They both laugh, humbly…) Seriously guys – I had no idea. Morgan, you are crazy talented at decorating – I mean just the light fixtures in this house…

Morgan: I like to design on a dime. I got most of the light fixtures at market. I like being able to take items I have inherited and use them, the ones that are timeless. And I love a can of spray paint.

I laugh…but agree wholeheartedly.

Chris: She means she likes for me to spray paint things. I’m Mo’s minion.

I laugh again.

Me: Do you have any favorite items?

Morgan: The “Be My Guest” sign…my grandmother originally embroidered one similar and I had a graphic designer come up with a similar design that I had printed.

Morgan: I like to move things around a lot.

Chris: Let me define “a lot” – over Christmas, we rearranged the upstairs 4 times.

Morgan: I love symmetry and assymetry – as long as it balances.

Me: Do you have any favorite pieces of furniture?

Morgan: (thinks) Probably my grandmother’s piece in the entryway. (see photo below)

Chris: (also thinks) My grandmother’s bar.

Me: Last question, how would you describe your style?

Morgan: I think rustic glam… clean lines…I like accessories…BUT I like for them to have a place. Clean, but liveable and comfortable.

The entry opens up to their living room, backed by a fabulous porch that overlooks the back yard – more pictures of it later…


{I spy a piece of art by yours truly!}


{Love those ikat pillows}




I love Morgan’s use of mixed metals accents. And how beautiful is the light coming in this room in late afternoon?

To the left of the living room is the dining room, on the front of the house.


How amazing is that light fixture??


The living room and kitchen are one great room, with a breakfast nook off to the right overlooking the back yard and a hallway to the garage and bedrooms off to the left. I absolutely love their kitchen as well as another amazing light fixture over the breakfast nook table.


Yes, kiddos really live here – and they are allowed to play!


Back to the left on the way to the garage, is this great little cubby nook, perfect for bookbags and rain boots, plus a perfect little powder room.


The master bedroom is bright yet calming, and the en suite master bath perfectly coordinates with Morgan’s contemporary eclectic taste.


Possibly my favorite spot in the house is this nook between the kiddos rooms – a lime green dresser sits in front of a chalkboard wall perfect for notes from Mom or Dad, a couple of Lily and Hines’ art projects are on display (how awesome is the giant clay lollipop?) and a big, bright floral painting.


Lily’s room is white, gray and khaki with big florals and stripes of deep pink and reds. Such a happy space for a little girl!


Her bathroom boasts flamingos happily dancing on the shower curtain.


Hines’ room is all boy, complete with a deer keeping watch over his bed while he’s at school.


His bathroom is equally as well coordinated to his own little space with a few duck hunting details.


Back out into the living space, I had previously mentioned that their living room opens up to their back porch. How wonderful is this space?


And one last spot I have to share, Chris’s aforementioned favorite room, his workshop:


Extra special thank you to the DeBrews for opening up their home to The Olive Shoe!

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In an ode to one of my previously mentioned old favorites…There’s no place like home!


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