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I met Caroline through my involvement in the Junior League of Anderson County and through mutual friends at some point over the last couple of years. In December, I went to a cottage meeting at her house (a Junior League meeting in a house setting, not the typical public meeting place) ….and immediately told her I wanted to add her to my list for the creative home tour…

Caroline and Wes are welcoming, wonderful parents of two adorable boys – Wesley (2 1/2) and Tommy (almost 1), active in the community and just genuinely nice, real, good-hearted people – and bonus that they are a blast to hang out with, too!


I was immediately drawn to their home partly because of the use of color, the musical influence, and the pops of mid-century modern that sing to you and surprise you around every corner. All themes that are near and dear to my heart. It honestly wasn’t until I went to photograph their home that I noticed so many more of the details…so much personality thoughtfully and wonderfully packaged into this John Holman house made into the Edwards home, nestled into the heart of one of Anderson’s older residential neighborhoods. I probably asked Caroline a million questions as we walked around the house snapping photographs and chatting.


Like old friends – as I’d imagine Caroline makes everyone feel whether you’re new friends or from years past – we arrived in the driveway at the same time and walked in through the garage, so we’ll start the tour from that direction.

Me: When was the house built?

Caroline: 1968

How long have you lived here?

Caroline: 4 years this past March

Me: Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

Caroline: (Immediately, without hesitation) Oh, the coffee table in the living room – AND the only thing we have bought at full price, we’re bargain hunters, you kno. It was our Christmas present to ourselves when we were engaged and immediately went into storage, but we had to have it.

Me: What about a favorite room?

Caroline: Probably the family room – it’s just our cozy place where we play with the babes and hang out as a family.

Me: How would you describe your style?

Caroline: The word eclectic is way overused. I like a little fancy. I like old. I like surprises.

Me: I love that you threw the word “surprises” in there.

Caroline: I LOVE finding things at yard sales or around town or just out and think THIS. IS. PERFECT. I can’t wait to take it home and give it new life.

Me: Love that. Just love that.

From the garage, you enter into the breakfast area, visible from the kitchen and perfect for family meals:



Oh, by the way, meet Mac (short for McFly – yes, as in Marty)…we became fast friends, and he photo bombed a lot of pictures. I decided not to edit him out, because, well, I like real life.


I love the peek through shelving in their kitchen and the way color flows throughout their home.


The Edwards’ dining room is right off the kitchen, which flows easily into the living room. We’ll come back to the family room/den that you got a peek of from the breakfast area.


(Above) This is probably one of my favorite shots from their house. The combination is just dreamy…like I said, music to my eyes.

They have carried the same color scheme into the living room, playing up the tangerine and peach combined with the seafoam and muted aqua. I love the use of monochromatic paint colors on the walls and trim in these two rooms.


The living room opens up to the entry, and I’m super jealous of her double front door.


When I leaned in to take a close up of her little gathering of frames I asked, “Is this a Christmas card?”

Caroline went on to tell me, “My sister-in-law’s Dad told her to keep one thing from Christmas out all year so when you see it, you get that little spark of excitement for the Christmas season.”

I love that about doing these home tours, part of the fun is getting the stories behind what people choose to put in their homes. It’s the difference between what makes a house into a home.

I told her, “I think this is my favorite item in your house.”

Peeking back around the corner before we head down the hallway, is the Edwards’ family room.



The musical influence in their home is clear, especially in this room and the next. Wes, of family owned music store Draisen-Edwards (also agent at Wes Edwards Nationwide in case any of you are in need of such thing), has made instruments and musical influence part of the decor in the Edwards home. Which, coming from a musically inclined family who does the same, I found very endearing and again, music to my eyes.

First stop down the hall is Wes’ music room, an eclectic (sometimes the word is just the right one to use) mix of instruments and art, including a Chicken Man palm tree.


Just down the hall is the powder room, a fun space that I failed to photograph fully, but you can get an idea:


…and across the hall is the nursery, peaceful and light, with a little bit of a farm animal thing going on (but carefully selected, artful farm animals). I am smitten with the lamb that is at the core of a future gallery wall, along with the precious boys. And please notice the GORGEOUS changing table.


Further down the hall we find the master, and I have to say, “my favorite item” was definitely a toss up between the Christmas card in the entry and the framed piece of paper over Caroline’s nightstand.


Let’s take a closer look. See that sweet little “Caroline and Wes” with the doodled bird at the end? Wes drew it, and it became their Save-the-Date. See what I mean? The details!


This room is also home to their favorite (and hardest) DIY project yet, the master bath. Check out this beautiful bathroom.


Thanks so much for joining this tour, and stay tuned next month! I still owe you February’s before’s of the Tally Carlisle’s new abode, too!

Have a great weekend!

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In an ode to one of my previously mentioned old favorites…There’s no place like home!


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