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I love entertaining my children’s friends with fun new activities. They can be sensory activities, art projects, games etc… But one thing is always consistent for any playdate or activities involving children – FOOD! Children can be picky, eat tons or nothing at all, and have dietary restrictions. Growing up, my Mom always had great options of snacks, lunches, or party foods. Not always the most creative, but there were definitely some that were pretty entertaining. Unlike my Mother, I have made the mistake many times about forgetting to have enough options on hand or even having some for my own children. Here is a great list of some fun finger foods that your child is sure to enjoy and aren’t too intricate to make. This way, you don’t have to be like me and be scrambling for more options for your children!

Breakfast – Breakfast for us gets dull quickly. I often struggle to find some variety that isn’t just 100% sugar related. My children can also be really picky with eggs and yogurt. Here are some great options that you can add to your rotation!

I love this breakfast option: its cute, healthy and delicious!

My husband makes these regularly and they are so quick and delicious! It’s a family favorite:

Here is a great classic twist on a traditional southern breakfast:

Lunch – For whatever reason I find lunch to be the most difficult attitude wise. My children are so incredibly tired and that often is their pickiest meal. Because of this, I have chosen to make this meal the battle I will not fight – mostly because when they get to school full-time it will be the meal I can police the least. I often fill their lunches with their favorite foods – but try to keep some protein and healthy snacks in there as well. Here are some other great lunch ideas what will allow you to add some more variety to your children’s lunches.

Here is a great healthy lunch (or dinner or snack) option that the kids will love:

Love this option for mini quesadillas:

Cheesy Wonton Quesadillas Recipe –

Cheesy Wonton Quesadillas
I make these for my girls all the time! It’s amazing how a change of shape can make this classic lunch taste better!

I think these would be a great lunch item and what’s great is the hidden veggies:

This is another great easy lunch or dinner item that the kids can make on their own!

Snack – I typically use snack time to just keep my kids appeased until dinner. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy. Here are some great options for your children to have during snack time!

I love that this snack is healthy and delicious!

What can I say? I am a sucker for charcuterie!!

Here is a great snack that reminisces ice cream without all the mess:

Here is a great way to present the everyday snack:

This low carb snack is great for adults and children alike:

Dinner – Dinner time is a family affair in my home. We have dinner together most every night! My children also do not get other options for dinner – they eat what my husband and I eat… period! However, there are definitely times where that is not an option – babysitters, dinner on the go, expensive elements, etc… here are some great kid friendly dinner options that adults will enjoy as well!

This is a great option for dinner for the kiddos:

Here’s a great twist on pizza for the kids and they could make themselves!

These mashed potatoes are so cute and will really cut down on the potential messes:

Why not an updated nugget for dinner?

This would be a great lunch or dinner:

Other Helpful Links – Here are some great lists for other food ideas for the children. I mean you can never have enough options for these little fickle humans right?

This is a great list of wraps for everyone to enjoy:

This is a cute and EASY list of party food for the kids:

Here is a great list of some healthy options for your kids to enjoy:

These are a great take on some mini-pie like finger foods:

I love this idea for a kid’s party:

Well if nothing on this list seems like something for you… then check out this ultimate guide for children and toddlers:

I hope this list gives you some new and improved options for you to entertain your children and your children’s guests for any upcoming meals. I know how difficult dinner and meal prep can be – and often I find the more options I have to add to the rotation, the better!! I hope that if you do try one of these recipes that you share your successes and updates so we can share amongst our Olive Shoe community.

Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor of ciao_laurencop_sig-01the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she helps teach at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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