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Hi friends!

I photographed Bree’s home in July while Van and I were on our annual “week at the beach” trip where I pretend to be on vacation, but also try to squeeze in visits with family and friends I grew up with, and even sometimes do a little business….but can you really call a happy hour photography session of a cute home work? Y’all. This is so fun.

Meet Bree…


Bree and I both grew up at the beach a few years apart. Her Mom was a first grade teacher at the elementary school I went to and is a LEGEND of a teacher. Bree completely comes by her creativity honestly. Bree is… “awesome” sounds too trite, “adorable” sounds too much like she’s three, and “sassy” doesn’t quite cut it. She’s a little bit of all of these wrapped up in her own spunky, southern, stylish, multi-talented, so-fun-to-be-around package.

Bree is the Digital Marketing Director for First Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach, SC and owner of Bree Moore Design and Calligraphy, her own calligraphy and hand lettering company. Her work is phenomenal and she has an incredible eye for design even beyond calligraphy and hand lettering. I am just smitten with her craftsmanship, and have loved getting to know her better as a person this year. (…and no, she’s not paying me to say so.)


Bree welcomed me with a glass of wine and a few snacks; we got to talking and photographing, and had so much fun chatting through the rooms of her home. Typically I ask questions as I go and then have a few at the end that I’ve “collected” throughout the session.


After Bree posted a few photos of her new digs earlier this year, I immediately knew I wanted to feature her home on the creative home tour, so without additional introduction, welcome to Bree’s home.

The townhome was built in 2006, and Bree moved in at the end of April 2017. When I asked Bree about her “finds” for the house and her style, she explained, “I love the hunt. My method is not a method. I’ve always been drawn to the weirdest thing in the store, but I also play it safe a lot. I want people to have a nice mood here if they come visit me.” I feel ya girl, I feel ya. And for the record, my mood was very nice the entire time I was there. You are an excellent hostess, Bree!

The crocodile table in the entry is one of Bree’s favorite pieces of furniture and the first one she purchased for this home.


The entry way opens up to the dining area, where Bree had been working on her latest calligraphy project.


Just off the dining room is a little powder room, and I started noticing a theme of well placed wording throughout the house. With a base neutral color pallette and pops of color throughout, her house seems to smile and wink at you whichever direction you turn.


How adorable is the above? I love her attention to detail, and the usage of her lettering throughout the house. And that is just funny!


In the other direction, the entry opens up to the living area, clean and bright, welcoming, and ready for chatting or lounging depending on the day.

I also love how Bree mixes textures, patterns and metallics throughout her home.


Sasquatch (the feline friend) was kind enough to lead us into the dining room, Bree’s favorite room in her home (and one of mine too).




The dining room color scheme is simple yet makes quite a statement. Again, mixing textures and patterns effectively and enticingly, Bree certainly has a keen eye and makes bold but effective choices in her home.

When I asked what her favorite DIY in the house is, she answered the Dining room paintings…yep, that’s right, she did them. OVER old paintings she bought at a craft store. BRILLIANT.

“I’m not gonna spend $150.00; I’m gonna try it.” she stated, when I asked her about one of her projects. I love the attitude. A little sass, a little boldness, a lot of creativity, bravery, and willingness to go where life leads.

Another favorite DIY, she noted, is the oyster chandelier in the dining room – a surprise from her Mom (told you she was amazing). Go ahead and scroll back up to take a look. I’ll wait. 🙂

The dining room opens up the the kitchen, which Bree has kept pretty simple, but still with a few surprises tucked away in this nook or that.


Between the kitchen and garage is a good sized mud room/laundry room. I only photographed it because I wanted to share her continued attention to detail, as evidenced by the cheetah patterned bin on the shelf. ❤


Let’s head upstairs to the bedrooms…

At the top of the stairs sit a few heirloom pieces, her great grandmother’s clock, the little table and candle sticks of her grandmother’s…sweet reminders of family whether she’s coming or going. The chair on the right was a special project that Bree created, and please don’t scroll any further without noticing that the seat of the chair is made of NECK TIES. SO CREATIVE.


The wall of the hallway is a series of headshot photo of her friends and family, which I FAILED *facepalm* to get a decent shot of, but I did snap this little video…

Upstairs houses (see what I did there) her bedroom, guest room, and office. First up, we’ll check out her bedroom:


How about that chair??? Swoon. And please take a moment to notice her very subtle but creative curtains…which just happen to be repurposed dropcloths. (I can’t put my excitement about these into adequate words).


My heart went pitty-pat over the hats used as decor. I do the same thing.


Bree also refinished this set of her Mom’s furniture (pictured above) with a pastel gray paint treatment, which turned out so pretty.

Her bedroom leads to her bathroom and walk-in closet.


There is a little potty nook within her bathroom, and this is the back wall behind the throne. I absolutely love this decorative tp holder – simple but fun.


And given my love for shoes, I HAD to snap a pic of her collection. LOVE. No additional words needed.

The next room is her office, a fun but clean workspace, perfect for projects galore. Her neutral base palette with pops of color continues, and there seems to be another surprise at every turn.


The art above the console table is from her housewarming party and was created by guests. Balloons filled with paint adorned the canvas, and Bree had guests each pop one to participate in the painting.


There is another full bath upstairs for guests, a bright and airy space with a little pizazz – I especially love the tassles on the shower curtain.


The last room upstairs is her guest room, a happy, cozy spot for any overnighter. Bree apparently shares my love for Alice and Wonderland AND Rifle Paper Co.



The tour would not be complete without a glimpse at her sweet little screened in porch, charming and perfectly put together.


For those who went back to school this week, I hope it’s going to be your best year yet! If you’re a Game of Throne’s fan, check out this post from Lauren Cop on a Game of Thrones pot luck. I know Sunday is a big day! Happy Friday, y’all! Cheers to the weekend!

Thanks so much for joining this creative home tour! We have several more creative homes for you to see this year, so stay tuned!


P.S. Bree is teaching a class on Saturday morning at Sweet Grass Bakery in Myrtle Beach. I think there is only one spot left, but you can not-in-a-creepy-way stalk her Instagram (@bree_moore1224) by clicking on the picture of her work above.

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If you have or know of a creative space with interesting color, textures, and style that you’d like to see featured, I’d love to come take a look and even snap a few photos – please email me at and let’s have a chat!

In an ode to one of my previously mentioned old favorites…There’s no place like home!


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