Orange You Glad for Orange Foods

The color orange has permeated my life which has caused a strong attraction for me. All of the schools I grew up in had orange for their colors. I wore an orange senior prom dress and had orange as one of my wedding colors. My front door is even orange and I married someone who loved orange just as much as I do! Because of my love for orange, I also love to eat orange foods this time of year. Especially since it’s football season (Go Clemson Tigers!) and also almost fall and Halloween as well. Not to mention, most orange foods are also extremely heathy as well. Here is a great list of recipes with some fantastic orange colors and flavors.

Appetizers/Side Dishes – Side dishes and appetizers are always needed. If it’s for a meal, party, or Wednesday night dinner there is always a reason to have some good appetizers or side dishes. I often find that my side dishes get dull after a while. These dishes are sure to spice up the meals and your taste buds.

I love how beautiful and fresh this side dish tastes!

This dish reminds me of a soup that my Mom used to make around Thanksgiving that I adore:

I love this recipe because it is tasty and delicious:

Refrigerated pickles are amazing!


This is a great appetizer or side dish:

Here’s a great, simple, quick soup:

I love this roasted squash recipe because it is so adaptable to other types of squash:

Yummy kumara cakes!

I love this salad: it’s bright and delicious!

I adore the versatility of this dish:

How about this breakfast idea – great flavors to warm you up on a cold morning:

I made this the other night for dinner and it was a great crowd pleaser:

Main Dishes – Orange main dishes are so fun and delicious. It doesn’t have to always be carrots either. There are plenty of other orange foods as well! Not to mention they are perfect for a tailgate, Halloween or thanksgiving meal.

I love this recipe for vegan BBQ:

This recipe looks absolutely delicious and perfect for fall:

I LOVE these tacos:

This recipe is delicious and perfect for the upcoming fall season:

I love this turkey chili!

A delicious take on a taco:

I love how delicious and cute this dish looks!

This is a fantastic salmon recipe:

This is a fantastic shrimp recipe:

Cocktails/Mocktails – Now as I have said before the BEST parties have a fun cocktail or mocktail to go with the fantastic dishes. Orange drinks can be used so many times throughout the year and with multiple themes as well. I hope you will try some of these amazing drinks the next time you throw a get together.

I love this smoothie and it will surely please any pumpkin lovers:

Here’s a great, fresh take on an Arnold Palmer:

I love this drink because it is also an immune booster:

This smoothie is fantastic too!

Unique flavors and mocktail potential (sparkling water instead of champagne) make this a winner:

This cocktail is perfect for the holidays:

A great cocktail sure to please any whisky lovers:

I love this spin on a classic cocktail:

This cocktail just oozes fall flavors!

I love how light and fresh this cocktail tastes:

A Halloween inspired screwdriver – yes please!

Here’s a great new twist on a Moscow Mule to add color to your summer:

I love this spin on a mojito as well:

Desserts – In addition to a fun drink, you always need something sweet to finish the night off as well. Now people don’t ALWAYS eat a ton of dessert nowadays – but many still look for something small and delicious before leaving for the evening. Many of these desserts are great for any event you could be planning.

I love this dessert!

This is great for a dessert or breakfast:

I love this dessert – it’s so cute and can be used throughout of the year!

This dessert looks incredibly delicious:

A scrumptious spin on a traditional brownie:

This dessert is soo yummy and will become a regular in my home:

Who doesn’t love a great fudge recipe?

Halloween + popcorn = winning.

Adorable and delicious:

My husband loves monkey bread and I can’t wait to try this kind with him:

When I first started looking for orange recipes, I wasn’t sure what I would find. I am seriously surprised and excited to try so many of these new recipes (several of which I have tried this week). I hope that you will find some great inspiration for your upcoming orange-themed get together! And remember to cheer on those Clemson Tigers in the hopes we reach another National Championship!

Lauren Cop is a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor ciao_laurencop_sig-01of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she helps teach at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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