100+ DIY Christmas Ornaments

If anyone knows me, they know I am mostly a totally scrooge about Christmas. However, I do love to decorate the Christmas tree! Every year since my children’s birth, I have had them do an embossed handprint ornament to send to family members (directions are below). However, as their hands get bigger, I need to come up with other ornament making ideas. Here is a great list of Ornament ideas that will fit all of your Christmas tree needs!

My Embossed Design – So I have seen in several locations on Pinterest glittery hand print ornaments that look oh so cute! BUT many of us HATE the mess that glitter makes. Not to mention that craft glitter makes me break out in an itchy rash (ugh). Lastly, glitter will continuously fall off not matter how much glue you use. Sooo, I have been doing embossed handprints instead. One of the things I love about the embossed ornament is if the print is messed up it is easy to clean up! I also love that it is a nod to our wedding invitation which we embossed by hand as well.


What you need:

  • GLASS Ornament that your child’s hand or foot can fit on (the small ones are great up to age 2)

*NOTE: With Matte finish ornaments if you mess up the print the embossing ink will remove the matte finish is you need to wipe it off!

  • embossing ink pad (clear is what I prefer)
  • embossing powder
  • embossing heat tool
  • Child


  1. Make sure your child’s hands (or foot) are clean.
  2. Ink you child’s hand really well.
  3. Before the ink dries put your child’s print on the ornament.
    *NOTE: For infants its best if they’re asleep. For older kids roll from palm to fingertip OR ask child to grab the ball and let go as fast as they can. Also if you mess up no biggie use a damp paper towel to wipe the ink – let dry – and try again.
  4. Immediately after inking, cover area with embossing powder (this can be messy so make sure you have a tray to do this with so you can save the powder for more projects)
  5. After all ornaments have been powdered, then heat the powder with the heat tool
    NOTE: If you use plastic it will melt. Also if it bubbles then you have heated it too much. Once the powder begins to turn dark it is done!


{Picture taken by Lauren C Carlisle of Vivian’s First Ornament}

Other Print Ornaments – Obviously I love print ornaments. They are so fun to do and great to see how your child has changed over time! Lastly, I just love how easy many of the ornaments are to create! Here are some other great print ideas.

I love this print ornament because it’s great for all of the winter season.

These are seriously too cute and great to do year after year:

I love this simple and sweet print ornament :

I love how adorable these prints turn to reindeer!

Here is another great example of a non-human print:

So this is a link to a shop to have this created – however, I don’t think it would be terribly difficult to make something similar on your own with salt dough and paint. It wouldn’t look the same but definitely the same concept.

I love this handprint ornament:

I love this sweet print ornament that is great through February as well:

I love this print Christmas tree ornament:

I love this sweet ornament which is great for older and little kids alike:

This link doesn’t have instructions, but I think they can be made simply with salt dough and some paint!

Here is another print ornament that doesn’t involve the body, but definitely could be done with the kids’ help:

Another fingerprint ornament – but will definitely need some adult help!

I can’t wait to do this one with my children someday:

In case you need more salt dough creations, here is another list!

Keep Sake Ornaments – These keepsake ornaments are really fun and special. In fact I plan on going back thru some of my stuff and creating new ones from this list.

This is my favorite keepsake item! It is great for a first Christmas for a baby, or couple or other special event!

I love this sweet silhouette ornament:

I love how simple this ornament is to make.

I love how simple this keepsake ornament is to make as well:

LOVE this keepsake idea:

Adore this rustic looking keepsake idea! It would be a great one to collect for your children’s wish lists over the years:

I love this picture ornament and great to create every year!

Easy Children DIY Ornaments – These ornaments are great crafts for the children to make outside of using their prints. Plus it is a great way to pass the time while your kids are home from school during the holidays!

I love this fun children’s ornament:

An adorable elf ornament:

This super fun mosaic ornament:

I love these simple great smelling ornaments

This ornament is simple and easy and all kids can complete it!

I remember making these ornaments as a kid and I loved doing it as well:

I love this sweet DIY ornament:

This is another old school ornament that I love as well:

This is another great ornament that is also unique:

I love these ornaments because they would make a great gift or keepsake, too:

These sweet trees and all the creativity they could inspire are spectacular.

Here is another great simple and traditional ornament:

I love these fun ornaments that children can make:

LOVE this beautiful ornament:

This is a great twist on some more traditional ornaments:

Love this snowman one for the kids:

Love this snow pail and so easy to make with the kids:

I love these fun ornaments plus it’s a great way to get rid of some holiday candy:

These ornaments are beautiful and easy for kids to help with!

Here is another beautiful ornament that children can help with as well:
Glitter Dipped Handmade Ornaments #michaelsmakers

I love this sweet ornament made with stuff found at home:

This is another ornament that I grew up making and are so simple!

I love this cute and easy Christmas tree:

These would make a great family gift:

I love this easy project for children. Not to mention it’s a great way to clean up the pine cones.

I love this whimsical ornament and a great one to do with children:

I love this ornament – our neighbors made some for us and they are so adorable!

Rustic Ornaments – I love the look of rustic ornaments. They are so fun and emblematic of a simpler time. Not to mention it is so fun to bring in some of the natural elements from this time of year.

LOVE these rustic looking stars! They are so beautiful and could be easily made into picture frames!

I love this sweet rustic ornament:

This doesn’t have instructions but I think it is pretty self-explanatory and so sweet.

I love this rustic ornament because it is perfect from fall through winter.

My mother always says every tree must have a bird and these are totally adorable:

I love this rustic ornament that even children can create:

I love this sweet nativity type ornament:

These rustic snowflakes are fantastic:

These lanterns would be perfect on your rustic trees:

These rustic arrow ornaments are also really fun and unique:

I love this simple rustic ornament:

I love these rustic ornaments that could also be great for a wreath as well:

I love these cute acorn ornaments:

I love this rustic floral ornament:

This simple major jar ornament is sublime:

Love these gorgeous string ornaments:

I love these fun rustic ornaments:

How fun is this felt tree?!

I love these snowflakes and an easy way to recycle old books.

Every Christmas tree needs a sleigh!

Another recycled paper project that I love:

I love these chalkboard ornaments:

Fun Ornaments – Christmas trees don’t have to be stuffy or uniform. I love a Christmas tree with lots of fun ornaments that are reminiscent of different memories, people, or places. Here are some fun ones you can create to add some spice to your tree.

I love this fun and unique ornament:

I love these fun and bright ornaments:

These reindeer ornaments are great!
Easy DIY Wine Cork Decor Projects | Get all the products you need to create your DIY projects from SkyMall.com!

Love this fun ornament that could easily be done from a great beach trip:

I love this felt ornament and this could easily be done with other objects as well:

I love this super fun and non-traditional ornament:

This super fun and whimsical ornament:

This is another great ornament that could be made with simple objects from a local craft store:

I love these sweet angel ornaments:

I love these fun terrarium type ornaments:

These DIY ornaments are a great new take on a traditional ball ornament:

My family LOVES scrabble so this ornament definitely touches my heart:

I love this whimsical ornament:

This is a super fun ornament for the outdoors person in your life:

I love this super fun ball ornament:

These are super fun and cute (PS – these are for my Nole fan friends):

I love this fun and easy pearl ornament:

I love these super fun and self-explanatory pig ornaments:

I love this fun ornament and great for someone who has a winter birthday!

These seashell ornaments are great:

I LOVE these adorable yarn hats!

I think these are so fun:

I love this fun odd shaped snowman:

These marbled ornaments are so cool:

I love this super adorable ornament!

I love these great wreath ornaments:

These glitter ornaments are so fun!

These ornaments are awesome and a great way to use short crayons:

I love this list of light bulb ornaments!

Well if you made to the end of this list I applaud you! These were so fun to find and I can’t wait to start creating with my children. There is nothing better than a fun and creative tree! I am sure there are several you could use on your tree among this list. Enjoy the creative process and happy holidays everyone!

Lauren Cop is a part-time SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor ciao_laurencop_sig-01of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she helps teach at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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