Earth Day – Start Today For A Better Tomorrow

Now more than ever, it is so important that we teach our children about how to respect our Earth. This needs to happen not only on Earth Day but everyday – however, Earth Day is a great way to start the conversation. Even if you are not a big fan of the Global Warming discussion, I think we can all agree that protecting our environment is crucial to our sustainability! It is only when we work together that we will be able to protect our planet. Listed below are some great activities that you can use to start the conversation of preserving the Earth with your children.

Crafts – Here are some great crafts that you will have so much fun making with your children. These crafts present a great opportunity to discuss what materials you are using, how they can be recycled, and how this craft is a representation of the meaning in Earth Day.

Who doesn’t love playing with a little bit of shaving cream!

I love this stained glass creation!

Here is some great Earth Day slime for the younger ones to create:

I love this reflection activity:


This is a great recycling project!

This is a great Earth Day keepsake project:

I love this adorable Earth Day crown:

I love this sweet Earth Day craft:

Here is a great list of other Earth Day crafts:

Experiments – These are much more concrete examples of why taking care of our environment is so important to our future. This is a great way for everyone to learn different ways that we can help clean up and preserve the Earth.

This is a great oil spill STEAM activity:

I love this visual example of erosion and its impact on the Earth:

This is a great water filtration activity:


Here’s a great and basic way to help children understand if they can “undo” water pollution:

Here is a great list of other STEM activities for Earth Day:

Another great list of activities that you could use to help explain multiple types of pollution!


Garden – Planting is one of the easiest activities that you can do to help preserve the Earth. Here are some great fun and easy planting activities that you can complete with your children this Earth Day.

I love this personal planting activity:

I love how this activity incorporates recycling into the garden:

I love this idea to help explain how we can have a positive imprint this Earth Day:


This provides a great example of upcycling:

I love this idea for helping children understand the impact of a greenhouse:

Another great herb planting activity:

Here are some other fun items to add to your garden activity for Earth Day:

I love that this activity attracts wildlife:

Seed bombs are awesome and so easy to make! They will definitely be a hit this Earth Day:

Food – With all of these activities, you and your children will probably need a snack. Here are some great snacks that also fit the Earth Day theme. This would be a great time to reflect on why Earth Day is an important day to recognize.

I love this healthy Earth Day snack idea:


You can’t go wrong with an ol’ dirt cup right?

I love this Worldly cake:

Love this adorable healthy Earth Day snack!

This is a great series of recipes for Earth Day:

I love popcorn – why not use it to celebrate?

These Earth Day cookies look delicious:


Here is a great list of other food and even party ideas for Earth Day:

Earth Day can be such a fun day to spend with your children. I find it best to celebrate out in the world, among nature and exploring many of the gifts the world has to offer. I hope that you are able to utilize this list as I am sure I will be this year. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Lauren Cop is a part-time SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor ciao_laurencop_sig-01of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she teaches at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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