Yes! My Children Do Chores

My children do chores and really have since they were toddlers. Honestly I believe it is important for my children to do chores. The “chores” I chose for my children to be responsible for are mostly for things that are their responsibility that they need to learn to care for. I don’t expect them to take care of my materials or room but I do expect them to take care of their own. Here are the chores I expect my children to complete; how I expected it to be completed; and how I encourage them to keep completing those tasks.

Dishes – This is a daily requirement. My children are expected to clean up their dishes everyday, throw their trash away, and put the dishes in the sink. My main thing is that the girls are not allowed to leave the table until everyone has eaten and put their dishes away. I really haven’t had to fight this one with the girls and they rarely need a reminder.

Get Ready – This is also a daily requirement in my home. In the morning and evening, my children must brush their teeth and get dressed. In evening they also must pick out their clothes for the next day, go potty and get in bed. In the beginning it was a really big struggle to get them with the program. But after lots of practice and some small incentives along the way it has just become a part of the routine. Mornings and evenings are more manageable and the girls get really excited to pick out their clothes.

Pick Up Toys – This is a daily requirement in a sense but thorough completion is weekly. Everyday I ask my girls to pick up 10 toys before bed. Since they are at school most of the day and don’t get much time at home to play – I don’t require them to clean the entire room. But this way it helps contain the mess. Then on the weekends, they are required to clean the entire playroom top to bottom. This keeps the playroom from getting overwhelming and we start the week with a clean slate.

Image result for kids picking up toys

Doing Laundry – This is a weekly requirement. The girls put their laundry down the chute, then help fold their laundry and put it away as well. The folding and putting away is a new chore and it is going relatively well. We work together as a team to complete the task. I think this is really important for the girls to understand the importance of taking care of their clothing.

Image result for children doing laundry

Wipe Down Bathroom – This is a chore we do bi-weekly. The girls wipe down the sinks, floors, and tubs while I clean the toilets and shower walls. The girls do a great job and really like making the sinks look and smell clean. I also think this has been an easy task to get them to complete because we work together and it doesn’t take a long time to complete.

Pick Up Sticks – This is a monthly requirement. We have a large property with lots of pine trees – which means lots of sticks to clean up.  I have the girls go around with their kiddie wheelbarrows and pick up enough sticks to fill the container. When they finish, they can stop or keep going. Most of the time the girls continue because they like finding little critters on the sticks.

Sweep and Mop Floor – This is a monthly requirement. THe girls love to play “Cinderella” by sweeping and mopping the floors. They use a brush and dustpan for the sweeping. They use and sponge and bowl of soapy water to mop the floors. It may not be the cleanest floor when they are done but it is definitely better and the girls have a blast!

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