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This year the school I work for is conducting their first art auction for a fundraiser. Fundraisers are so hard for schools. They need the money due to funding issues – but many times it can be hard to get families to donate. My school in particular has been having flooding issues. These funds will be so helpful in replacing carpet, walls, lost toys, etc… This year, I was in charge of multiple art auction items and was really excited to contribute to this benefit.

Art Auction Inspirations We scoured the internet for inspiration and what was popular for art auctions. There really is a lot of amazing art items out there for kids to create and sell. Here were some of my favorites.

I love this quilt creation:

I love this adorable bookshelf:

This is a great project we have done for a school mural, but would also be great for an art auction.

This mirror would be fantastic in a child’s room or playroom!  

Love these guitars!

This is a great melted art project!

This is a beautiful and useful art project:

I love this photo project:

This is such a fun 3D piece of art:

These are a great project that is useful for the home in addition to being great art:

I love this stunning mural!

Love this creative board game option for an art auction:

Hungry Caterpillar Table – When discussing what we should created for the art auction, many people had ideas right away. My partner at work came up with a great idea to do a picnic table. I really liked this idea because it is functional, creative and perfect for children. I came up with the idea to base our creation on “The Hungry Caterpillar”. It is the 50th year of publication so I just thought it would be an appropriate theme for this child-sized table. I then went to work creating a stencil so the children could paint the table the best way possible. In the end, the children took their painting super seriously and it turned into a beautiful result.

Planter Mosaic: The science teacher and I decided we also wanted to create a planter for the art auction as well. We knew we wanted it to be a little more rustic but definitely kid-created. We looked at a bunch of ideas on Pinterest and I was so pleased with the end result. We bought a mosaic kit online, dishes at a vintage store, and the plant containers. We then had the kids glue on the tiles and grout the tiles for a fantastic result.

Other Art Auction Creations: My coworkers are so talented – we really have a ton of great options for our art auction. All of these were kid-created and show the wide variety of talent within our school. Here are some of the other creations:

In the end, all of these projects are really about these children. Encouraging them to create, learn, and ultimately help fund their education. I am thankful to work with such wonderful women in a fantastic community that takes education very seriously. I look forward to this great event and if you would like to donate to this great school, you can find us on paypal with our email address (

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