Pot Luck Game of Thrones Style

Huh GoT? Well if you have been living under a rock then you probably have missed the biggest series on TV since The Roots (in my opinion)… it’s Game of Thrones of course! Now everyone has their own style of Game of Thrones viewing – in private, on big screens at the local bar, binge watching after the season has finished etc…  But now that we are coming to the final episodes (queue tears), I believe we will begin to see more and more Game of Thrones-themed parties. I decided to get a jump start on the fun and share my GoT finale party idea with you all. I love a good ol’ fashioned pot luck and wanted to do one GoT style…. So here are the rules…

  1. Everyone must choose a house/family/character to represent (I used Evite to allow an easier way for people to sign up)
  2. Everyone must bring a dish that represents their house/family/character
  3. NO talking during the show
  4. Coming in costume/themed T-shirts are strongly encouraged

Food – Now obviously the food is pot luck style, which I love of course! I love pot luck because it’s so fun seeing all the new creations and tasting new foods or old flavors in a new way! Plus it really takes a lot of the responsibility off of the host as well. Here are some ideas that some of my friends and I came up with for a Game of Thrones pot luck!

Lannister – This house has a lion for the house symbol and their house quote is “A Lannister always pays his debts”. Some food ideas are golden cookie hands, gold coins, or some hummus and veggies in the shape of a lion.

Stark – Their house symbol is the direwolf (mythical creature) and their house quote is “Winter is coming”. Some of the food ideas that I thought would fit the house is turkey legs, wolf shaped cookies, or edible snow.

Targaryan – Their house symbol is the dragon and their house quote is “Fire and Blood”. Some ideas for food are spicy deviled eggs, dragon shaped cookies, or dragon fruit popsicles.

Bolton – Their symbol is the flayed man (yes a man skinned alive… ew!) and their house quote is “Our blades are sharp”. Some ideas for food is mini wieners, flayed man cheese ball, or hand shaped meatloaf.

Greyjoy – This house symbol is the Octopus and their house quote is “ We do not sow”. Some ideas for food are sushi, grilled octopus, or marsala braised seafood.

There are many other houses and great recipes to choose from as well. But I thought I would just show a sampling of the great variety of food and creativity you could create with the food for this party.

Décor – Since GoT has gotten so big there are lots of options for party décor that are relatively easy. Here are some great ideas that you could use as well!

Here are some great party décor printables!

Here is a great list for party ideas and décor as well:

Side note if you like this chair check out how to make one into a phone charger!

I love these GoT prop printables!

Awesome Attire – Whether you want to dress up like one of the characters or just find a cool shirt there are lots of options out there. Not to mention that because the show is Medieval Times themed, there are so many different ideas and themes you can cover – and may even have something at home to fit the theme. Here are some of my favorite ones.

I love this one because it isn’t a specific character but represents the time and can be worn for multiple reasons.

I love this one as well because it represents a character but could definitely be used for more than one reason.

I love this shirt because it can be worn for multiple reasons:

I especially love this one because it represents my favorite character!


I also love this one because it represents so much for a character in the story:

GoT is so fun for so many reasons – its filmed to perfection, its whimsical, dramatic, entertaining, and makes you think. So it really just encourages people to celebrate this fantastic show for a variety of reasons. It is the perfect show to throw a party that will really be a blast. As much as I am sad for this show to end, I can’t wait for our first GoT party to establish the bar for us to surpass with the series finale!

Lauren Cop is a part-time SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor ciao_laurencop_sig-01of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she teaches at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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