An Eggcellent Egg Decorating Eggstravaganza

Eggs represent so many magnificent things, particularly the promise of new life. Spring is such a fantastic season of regrowth and rejuvenation. Egg dying is always my favorite Easter and springtime tradition. Growing up in Pennsylvania, we often spent the Easter holiday in South Carolina or Florida visiting family. I loved all the fun fancy dresses, ornate flowers, trumpets in church, and finally some warm weather. One of my favorite family traditions was decorating eggs. Both sides of my family were pretty into egg dying. My one Grandmother still has Easter eggs that her children made.  It is a fairly easy and cheap activity to do as a family. Plus, it helps spark my creative juices so that I can begin a new season of imagination and creation. There are so many new and interesting egg dying techniques out there that I hope this list will inspire you to try something new this season.

Color Palate – This was always the argument between my family and I… who got to start with which color. Those egg dye tablets didn’t always come with enough. Here are some ways to make your own egg dye.

Can’t go wrong with some good old food dye!

Natural food dye eggs options:

Here is a great twist on some egg dye:

This dye is sure to be a winner and dazzle all who see it:

M is for Mood Easter Eggs | eager Ed


easter eggs coloring


Create these awesome metallic eggs using paints and alcohol:

More Traditional Techniques – There is something to be said for the old traditional techniques. They are time and time again reliable and almost guaranteed to give you the perfect egg every time! Listed below are some of my favorite traditional egg dying techniques.

This was one of my favorite ways to dye eggs as a kid, and one of my children’s favorites as well:

This is another fun way I decorated eggs growing up as well! It’s a great way to create fun patterns:

I loved making hombre eggs as a kid – but this technique is way easier than the one I used:

This is a super traditional and intricate guide to decorating your eggs:

This is a technique that was one of my father’s favorites!

Kid Friendly Techniques – To me there is nothing more fun than watching young minds create! Here are some awesome options for your children to create Easter eggs for all ages. They may even bring out the inner child in you! If nothing else, they are sure to create great memories for you and your family.

These adorable eggs are sure to allow the fun to keep on rolling long after Easter:

These eggs are super fun for any springtime party involving kids:

Here is a great way to allow kids to decorate eggs without all the mess:

Who doesn’t want to create dinosaur eggs?

These are super fun and easy for any kid to enjoy making:



Kids love bubble wrap, why not use them to help paint some eggs?

I love this tie-dying technique… easy fun and each one is surely to be unique

This is another great kid dying technique

More Intricate Techniques – For those who want to be more creative or feel their creative talent maybe wasted on more traditional techniques, here is a great list for you! Who says you need to use dye or other traditional techniques? Mix it up and create something even more intricate and creative!

This water color technique is super fun for those who want more details in their egg dying techniques:

Here is an adorable way to make your eggs look more detailed using a simple technique:|2.2134125117.1489424743051|2048117314|505b2df6 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs from Better Homes and Gardens


This is a great way to create a gorgeous egg:



Here is a great technique using non-traditional material:

Here is a neat way to do some monogrammed eggs this year:

I LOVE these black and white eggs! Perfect for a modernist!

These are gorgeous and sure to last for the future:

These eggs are super fun! I love the look of marbleized eggs!

Adorable wax painted eggs:


These eggs are fabulous for those who have artistic abilities:

These eggs are so whimsical and beautiful – sure to be a crowd pleaser!


These eggs are stunning and great for all of spring not just Easter!

Non-Traditional Techniques – These eggs are extra special and totally stunning. They could be used in multiple places – and many even throughout the year! These will surely get your creative juices flowing and will definitely be the talk of any social event.

This is a great way to not only decorate your egg, but also made it 3-D and beautiful:


These textured eggs are a super fun decoration that could be used in multiple seasons:

These non-traditional eggs are fantastic to display all year:

Who says you need to use dye? Why not use something that many women have lying around the house?

Who says you have to use real eggs? Here is a great way to decorate some plastic eggs.

This technique is not only beautiful but also great to use in years to come

I LOVE these galaxy eggs! Perfect for the nerd in you!

Seriously in love with this technique! A great way to create a fun and trendy egg!

I love these eggs – they remind me of something from Willy Wonka:

For the Naturalist – I totally understand not wanted to use chemicals to dye eggs. There are plenty of natural eggs dying techniques – but honestly these two were my absolute favorites! They also would be another inspiration for other natural dying techniques. If you do come up with something new, please feel free to share them with us.

I love this natural dying technique. Plus it opens you up for so many lessons for your children as well:

This is simply stunning and so elegant:

When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write. I knew I wanted some egg dying techniques – but was honestly shocked at how many different types there were… it caused me to WANT to write about all of these techniques. I can’t wait to start dying eggs with my children in the next few weeks! I hope they inspire you as much as they did me! Please send us your pictures of completed eggs – and have a very happy Easter and spring season!

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