Playroom Pains | My Love/Hate Relationship with This Room

When we moved to Tallahassee, I was adamant that we needed a playroom. In our previous house, we did not have one. My children were terrible sleepers so having toys in the room wasn’t an option. I felt I needed the playroom for them to keep their stuff in so I didn’t need to see it when I was trying to relax after bedtime. I needed some space where I didn’t have to look at the toy mess all the time. It seemed like a great idea. And for my main issues it has mostly solved this problem. I really was super happy at first. However, new problems have arisen which have really made me regret this room for several reasons.

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The good… I love that my children have a place to be creative, play, and entertain friends. It houses all of their toys. Everything has a spot. The children can use playdough, paint, craft with beads, etc. in a place where I don’t mind things to get messy. They had a whole wall to display their artwork and be proud. I loved that this room has their own Google Home where they can make a playlist and choose music to listen to. I loved watching them turn the room into a hospital, house, ocean and of course “the floor is lava”. It was especially entertaining to see what different outfits they would put together and insist on eating or going to the store wearing. Honestly there are SO many benefits to having this room makes me feel guilty about complaining about it…. BUT…. nothing is perfect.


{This is at a party in the room when it was clean}

The bad… I really underestimated the amount of mess my children can create. My children don’t have TONS of toys by any means. But the paper alone is enough to drive me crazy. Everything is a masterpiece that must be cut and glued. The scraps colored on and must be saved as well. Everything that has a place is never put back in that place. Because of the mess, I had stopped going in that room – which prevented me from seeing some of the chaos. Not to mention that masterpiece work started to be glued and stapled to the wall. Clothes ripped, toys broken, and dead bugs hoarded. The mess began to spread to other rooms because there was so much “space” for their creativity. Even though I went through the room twice a year – it was clearly not enough. The children do weekly cleanings and vacuuming – still not enough. Something needed to change. 

Plan for solution… I realize that there is never going to be a perfect solution. But we need a change and I hope that the result will help with the mess and calming the chaos. Every location will have a bucket to place toys, craft items will be relocated to a new “craft room” to remove some of the temptation of destruction (more on this to come in a future post). The art wall has been revamped in order to allow the girls to put up their own art – but without the use of glue or staples. We are also greatly reducing the number of toys in that room. Since the girls only play with a certain number of items we tossed many of the ones they no longer play with. In the end, we got rid of 9 trash bags worth of toys/trash. We are also now requiring the girls to clean up the room nightly with a weekly reorganization of the room. So far we are one month in and so far, so good. 


Although I don’t think this room will stay in its current condition, I do think that we have a better plan of success than the ostrich-like plan we had in the past. 


A few weeks have passed and I really am super thrilled with how the room has looked and how the children have been able to keep the room looking clean. They are taking better ownership of their artwork, keeping the area pretty straightened, and are encouraging each other to keep an eye on the mess. I really hope that all of this behavior continues because the room looks SO much better. Our playroom probably won’t stay this way forever – but that is for another post – but I look forward to enjoying this room more often. What are your playroom gripes and tips? Let us know – we would love to hear from you! 

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