My Half-Marathon Experience

I never pictured myself to be a runner. I definitely never thought I would run a half-marathon. But after planning a cross-country backpacking trip with my mother, I decided I needed to get into shape. A friend asked me to join her in the race and I saw an amazing opportunity to break new goals, get in shape, and compete again with my girls. Although the race wasn’t pretty, I am so glad that I was able to complete this event. 

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Training – Finding time to train was hard. I also weight-lift and do boxing on a regular basis and I didn’t want to give up those opportunities either. So I dedicated myself to training three days a week. Two of those days were short 3 miles runs. The third day was a long run. The farthest I ran was 10 miles. I was able to run two races before the half-marathon and it was the Turkey Trot 15k and a 10 mile race as well. The ladies I ran with were great encouragers It was especially fun when we were able to run together on some of the longer runs – it made them so much shorter. Training over Christmas break proved difficult, but I mostly stuck to my routine and I am so glad that I did. 

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Difficulties – I had a lot of obstacles to deal with along the way. It started with a sprained ankle in August. Unfortunately, ankle injuries take so much time to heal. I tried my best to let it rest, used braces, and started over again slowly. By October, I was able to get my training underway. However, my family and I travel a lot so being able to train proved more difficult than I expected. Not to mention the missed weight training days, which I think really did help in keeping me in shape. Lastly, I decided to start Whole30 again the week of the marathon. This was a huge mistake as I felt so sick during the race due to lack of nutrition and hydration. 


The Race – The day of the race I had to wake up at 2:30am. My neighbors in the hotel were super loud and it was very frustrating to try and get some sleep. I caught the bus at 3:30 in the morning to head to the corral to get ready for the race. By the time I got to the starting line, I had walked six miles and the first racers started an hour and half before I was even able to cross the starting line. It was a hard race day – 78 degrees and 80% humidity, so the race was brutal. Luckily, there was no sun. The race itself was packed – shoulder to shoulder the entire time. It was difficult to navigate all the walkers and run-walkers. By the time I got to mile 10, I knew I was in trouble because there was no sweat on me and I was cold. At mile 11.5, I saw my family and it really encouraged me to finish and make sure that I didn’t faint. So I walked a half mile and then ran the last mile. When I finished, I was so sick I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to leave the port-a-potty. Eventually, I got my act together and made it to the hotel room to rest. After about two hours, I was able to fully recover and rally enough to go to Magic Kingdom with my family. 


In the end I am glad that I did the race. I wouldn’t have been able to finish if it hadn’t been for my running ladies and my family. Although it wasn’t a pretty race and I felt like I was going to die – it was a good experience. I pushed myself farther than I ever thought possible and accomplished something great. In the end, I would definitely do another race – but hopefully next time, it will be easier to navigate and I will be better prepared. 


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