Create Your Best Homeschooling Space

Homeschool, virtual school, digital academy – these types of education are getting more and more frequent with the current pandemic situation. Now I am not here to bash anyone for their educational choices. In fact, I am still struggling with what I am doing with my children considering I live in a hot bed city and state. I never imagined myself having to homeschool my children – even though I am a teacher! I believe in the public education system and that I am a better mother when I have a job and breaks from my children throughout the day. But in my research, I found many of these spaces and articles to be helpful in determining if homeschooling was even feasible for us. Although I have not made a decision, I do feel like these articles will set me up for success if I choose to stay home with my children. 

Homeschool Space – As a teacher, I really understand the importance of having a clean and tidy workspace for the children to be successful for homeschool. You will need easily accessible school supplies, hardy writing space, and a sense of creative inspiration to keep the children on track. Now, we all don’t have the same amount of space to make the right homeschooling space. Here are some of my favorite sample spaces that can be used in a room or just a small corner of the house.  

I love this space set up for multiple children

Love the natural lighting, glass tops to put paper under & reading bench.

This is an amazing example for how to create a homeschooling space when you don’t have much room

Are you wondering how to homeschool in a small space? See how we turned our dining room into a homeschool room with space for art, music, nature, and books!

This is a great space for young children if you have a large room

I love this traditional style classroom set up for homeschooling

Getting Your Home Ready for School to Start at

I love how these supplies are organized and are at an appropiate level for children

This homeschool room is a little over the top but has some great ideas for furniture and organization.

This is a great list for fun ideas you can impliment into your homschooling space

Looking for some new classroom ideas? Find the best ideas for classroom organization, classroom decoration, classroom management, fun ideas and more. Incorporate the last idea in your class and it will change your life! #classroomideas

I love how this is organized – easy to find the materials and for children to help putting things away

Classroom Storage Ideas for Teachers #classroomorganization #teacherorganization

This is a great list of essential resources needed for homeschooling

My Top 10 Homeschool Essentials

This is a great resource for finding all the supplies you need for homeschooling

Wondering what to buy for your homeschool in those back-to-school sales? Need to get your list organized? You'll love this FREE printable!

Tips and Tricks for Success – Starting from scratch when deciding to homeschool can be really daunting. It is one thing to teach your children at home when it has an end date of three months. It is totally different to commit to a semester, year, or an unlimited timeline. Here are some of the links I found most helpful including schedules, time-lengths, mental check-ins, and actual insight from mothers who have made the leap themselves. 

This is a great reasource to compare some of the biggest homeschooling curriculums that are out there.

Is Homeschooling Free? It Can Be With This Awesome List - Happy Homeschool Mom

This is a great resource for how to allocate the appropriate amount of school time based the grade level

Homeschool 101: Scheduling Homeschool ~ Raising Royalty #onlineschools,webcourses,coursesites,onlineclasses,ecourses,onlinedegrees,onlinecourses,onlinemastersprograms,onlinecollegecourses,onlineuniversities,onlinehighschool,accreditedonlinecolleges,onlinecertificateprograms,onlinelearning,onlineeducation

This is a great resource for how to check in with your child mentally and keep track of their progress

How do you help students develop a growth mindset? Give them the opportunity to set goals, track their data growth, and reflect. This paperless customizable technology resource gives your students a digital journal to use year round in your Google classro

This is a great resource for conducting mental check-ins with your children during the homeschooling day

Grab this FREE mindfulness activity for the morning. Use is as a poster, print it out, or use the digital version for distance learning and beyond. It's a simple 5 step activity to create a more mindful morning! #pathway2success

This is a great resource for the best way to transition to homeschooling with your children

Here is a great resource for pros and cons of teaching children at home

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

After reading through this material, I really felt like homeschooling could be feasible. It broke things down to the best work space, schedules, and how to maintain my sanity. Although I haven’t been able to make a concrete decision – I do feel like if we needed to stay home that I could. Making this choice is not always easy – especially in times like these. I hope that you also found these articles helpful, that you can keep your children home if you feel it’s best. Wash your hands and always wear a mask! 

Lauren Cop is a part-time SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor ciao_laurencop_sig-01of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she teaches at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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