2021 New Years Resolution | Focusing on Control

Let’s face it: 2020 has been difficult for so many. I lost my grandmother – one of my idols – to start the year. Shortly after that, the world shut down and nothing has been the same since then. Family depression, jobs lost and found, quarantine, fear, shortage of daily necessities were all regular things we had to deal with like everyone else. Despite the chaotic year – the Olive Shoe has had some really positive outcomes including new babies/children coming into our lives, more blog posts, and especially the opening of our brick and mortar shop (despite the pandemic)! So as I reflect over the past year, I really have been amazed at how blessed we have been here at the Olive Shoe to have survived such a tumultuous year with minimal scarring. We thank every one of our customers and supporters – especially our families for helping us not just survive – but THRIVE thru this pandemic. 

{Our very own Lauren James in our Brick and Mortar store}

Resolution Theme – After reflecting on the past year and how much we have all had to change our lives, I decided this year to focus on things that are in my control. This is something that is very hard for me – since I am a control freak and have a really hard time of letting things go. However, I think the pandemic has shown us all how quickly things can change that we really aren’t in control of so many things. This year, I want to continue on the journey prompted by the pandemic of being more flexible and focusing on things that are within my control.. 

Continuing Healthy Lifestyle – One thing that I have been able to maintain control of is my meal planning and workout routine. Yes, some food items were scarce. Yes, my gym did close for months. However – I was still able to maintain my health and even improve it during this time. I actually have gotten halfway to my health goals since having my children in 2014. Obviously this has been a slow road, but finally seeing the progress has been so gratifying! I plan on continuing my goals by starting the year with a Whole 30 cleanse. Then I will continue to eat a low gluten and low sugar diet – which seems to have had the greatest impact for me. I will also continue to stick to my workout routine – even if that means working out at home or with my children. It can be done and is imperative for my mental health. 

Skincare Focus – I have to admit I have basically no skincare routine. I use masks sometimes. I wash my face in the shower and I rarely use moisturizer. This is a bit embarrassing to admit because I should have been doing so many things before I reached my mid-thirties. Honestly, what has prompted this new focus is the constant breakouts – which was never an issue before. This again is something that is totally in my control and will only add benefits to my life. I am looking forward to seeing big changes when I finally start focusing on my skincare routine which will include cleaner, toner, moisturizer, masks, serums, and at home facials!

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Family Focus – The pandemic has forced many people into having more family time. Luckily for us this has mostly had a very positive impact. I am thankful that I was able to help my children persevere through the emotional turmoil of dealing with school closings, missing friends and afterschool activities. We also have been able to have some new great family memories made with our new family focus. I can’t express how important it has been for my family to see me put aside chores or work to get down on the ground and play with my children. Now, I am not perfect and I still have to get adult things done – but being with my children and family has had nothing but benefits. I hope to be able to continue putting distractions aside to be with my family and create more memories with them. 

Reflection – During the pandemic, it was so important for me to have the ability to just “check out” of family responsibilities and have time to reflect. I have dealt with bouts of depression and anxiety and this practice has been one of the best ways I have been able to keep my difficulties in check. Sometimes I just need to sit in the tub and sweat it out. Sometimes it requires laying in bed. Other times it’s walking in the woods and venting to a friend. Regardless of the place and how it is done, taking a daily moment to be alone and reflect has really helped me to be able to maintain my mood and attitude at a more healthy level. I hope this next year I can continue to keep my mental health in check and take moments to reflect, reconnect and recharge daily. 
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

I think 2021 is going to be a year of hope for so many people. I am looking forward to seeing continued improvements in my health, The Olive Shoe and family relations. I think if we can get through the pandemic we really have the ability to get through so much more! I hope that by focusing on what I can control – even something as small as washing my face – will allow me to continue living a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. What are your goals for 2021?

Lauren Cop is a part-time SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of Irish Twins and Senior writer/editor of the Olive Shoe Blog. Currently Lauren and her family live in Tallahassee, FL where she teaches at a local pre-school. A Clemson fanatic, alumni and general sports enthusiast. She loves reading, gardening, food, and traveling. Follow her Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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